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SA rider numbers are building! - New rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by red.hot, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    I moved to Adelaide three months ago for uni. I got my learner permit at Hart in Tullamarine three weeks ago. I have just put a deposit on a nice little GPX in Clarence Park and should be making her mine later this week. I'm based around Oaklands Park area and I'd really like to meet some riders in Adelaide as I'm new to the area and don't even know anyone who owns a bike here!

    Anyone willing to befriend a beginner?


    :biker: (only coz it looks a bit like mine)
  2. Welcome again red.hot :)

    That should keep the mods off your back for a while :p
  3. welcome.
  4. Cheers,
    I'll try not to do a Paul ;)
    but please tell me quietly if I do something not right.
  5. :LOL: Careful young newbie, the mods are powerful beings.. gods, if you will
  6. Cant promise that we will spot it in time,some of these mods are quick to jump. :p
    You'll be fine,we all had to learn.If you can dodge the bad attitudes you'll get along alright :LOL:
  7. Where can I access the Ts and Cs anyway? I ticked the ones when I first signed up, but I was a bit unsure what it was that Paul did wrong (perhaps it is because I missed the picture content?).
    Anyway, would be good to refresh on these before getting yelled at.
  8. Gee that founds like a Frequently Asked Question, try over there

  9. :LOL: no don't worry bout the mods. Paul had a pic in his signature, which is mentioned in the rules. He was having trouble posting images the typical way and got himself into trouble. tsk, tsk. If you do the wrong thing they will let you know and it will be fixed, you are not expected to remember every single rule just to read through them and understand them roughly. In the end it keeps the site free of rubbish and frees up bandwidth :) Sometimes they are not as polite about letting you know as some people think they should be and often sarcasm is difficult to pick on a forum. It is a matter of opinion as to whether they go too far or whether people should just deal with it..The typical response seems to be to deal with it, but leave a cheeky remark and hope they don't flame you :LOL:
  10. welcome again Red Hot!
  11. hey hey hey settle down Red Dragon, or ill delete you haha. :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums RH hope you have a good read around and come out for a ride and a coffee. :) Cya around and about.
  12. HEY! whats that ment to mean? Looks like :newb: Vs :newb: celebrity deathmatch! :blackeye:
    :rofl: Is what happened become that well known now? he he he
    I blame KevS & Red Dragon for the fuss made! Nah, you guys are great and thanks so much for you support when it all was going on. :beer:

    But seriosuly Welcom red.hot! Always good to see new people in our midst.
    And yeah i recomend all newbies to learn from my mistakes. I dont reccomend anyone to follow in my footsteps. he he he
    HAVE FUN mate! Ride safe and enjoy!

    I FLAME YOU! You cheeky monkey!
  13. haha that's awesome
  14. hey there is a coffee night on, every wednesday night at Scuzzi's on Rundle street in the city, if you are interested in meeting like minded people.
  15. welcome!

    im in richmond, so not far up from oaklands area. yell out if u wanna catch up before wednesday and ride in im happy to do a few intro's

    ride safe mate :)

  16. welcome :D
  17. Hey, I'm in your area! I live about 5 minutes away from the Oaklands Park riding range. Give me a yell if you want to go for a ride. I've got a GPX too, and it wants to go out! I managed to ride to work today (fingers crossed the weather stays decent), first time back on the bike in a couple of weeks, and I wants more! :grin:

    So give me a yell when you want to go for a ride, or when you get your bike, bring it over, put it next to mine, and maybe they will make more bikes! :LOL: ...I'm tired
  18. welcome again

    i live sorta close, once you get your bike, we can go in Wed nights

    Mods :jerk:
  19. Howdy, red.hot. Welcome to Netrider :grin:
  20. I don't know what all this "not far from you" business is all about.

    When im on the Ducati, everywhere is "Not far" in my books.
    And everywhere is only about 10 muinited away...litterealy.
    Henley Beach to Ingle Farm...No wakkas mate! Be there in 10 minuites.
    Im at Findon, So even if you lived at Murry Bridge, thats still not far in my books!....he he he he
    Who DOESN"T want to just keep riding and riding and riding, and then ride some more!