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[SA] Ride to Mt Lofty and Gorge Rd, Sat Aug 19th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: malcolm

    hey guys, i am just having a get together this sat for a ride up the hlls. it is going to be a very nice day just like last wk.
    we got all different level skilled riders and all are welcome. we most likely heading up greenhill this wkend and the to mt...

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  2. anyone here up for it??
  3. Ahhh :( Thats one of my fav trips!
    If I had my bike I'd be there!
    Enjoy every one!
  4. would love to, but have band practice on saturdays
  5. ooh sounds like a plan
  6. +1 for me. Nothing like a nice weekend ride espcially this weekend. Forecast is 19 degrees and mostly sunny. Can't wait.
  7. awesome!! finally one member from this forum is coming. should have a few 250 cbrs there for me to take on too. im glad to see another zx2r coming.
    will be leaving around 1:30 so that gives you 30mins to get to know each abit
  8. yep.. what's the route ?. I might meet you at Mt Lofty.
  9. going up greenhill and then taking a break somewhere. head to mt lofty after that and then gorge.
  10. put me down as a possible
  11. Sorry, I didn't read the annoucement properly. 1pm sounds good. I'll might come
    into town do a bit of buso and have a bit of lunch on Hutt street or something then
    head to BP.

    see you there.
  12. i work till 5 on saturdays. but it sounds good, long way off the pace i think, but might try n join you guys another day.
  13. so far looks like around 15 people going. see u all there tmw
  14. Freddy, good that you are coming to town, cause then everyone can see Optimus. So don't forget to wash him. hehe :wink:

    Simon, you coming in?
  15. im up for a ride tomorrow,

    havent been out with you guys for a while.

    dazza :cool:
  16. I'm in, if i can find the right place to begin with :D
  17. Can't miss it VTRAffair. It is on West Terrace in the city. BP = Big green service station with a Subway and stuff. If you are coming from North Terrace, it is on your left hand side just past the Subaru dealership.

    :grin: Cya's this arvo.
  18. Pick a spot/time to meet in the hills? Im not riding to town just to ride all the way back again... Prob see yous up there, will be my last ride I'm selling the 250 after this.
  19. Hopefully a few of the other adelaide stormers may show up as well, I put the word out :D

    See you there
  20. i would like to thank everyone that came today for the cruise. the number of riders was awesome! i couldnt believe that so many people came out today. i had a great time and hope you all did too. :)
    the next time i head out to the hills, ill post another one.

    see you all next time and staight up right.