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[SA] Ride through the hills/barossa - Saturday 8th July

Discussion in 'Other States' started by EACRUISER, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Short Notice Ride

    Meet Time : 9.00am
    Place : Civic Park Carpark - Tea Tree Gully (opposite Tea Tree Plaza)
    Depart : 9.30am

    Up North East Rd through Chain of Ponds
    Turning left onto Little Para Rd
    Through Williamstown
    through some nice twisty roads.
    Corkscrew road
    Gorge Rd
    Chain of ponds

    Finishing at St.Agnes Shops, (So i can fill up for the third time).

    (Jason - query as to how many Km's the Superduke will get to a tank, will need to plan stops around that that is all.)
  2. Damn cant make it to this one. Have footy Saturday afternoon. Going for my R-Date licence on Sunday too. Hopefully the next ride Ill be able to 'legally' try to keep up with the rest of you :grin:

    Have a great ride. Stay upright
  3. Holy hell, there is going to be sun tommorow... SUN! Only 15 degrees though. good enough for me. See you guys @ 9am @ Civic Park. I wonder if chicks go walking that that time of the morning... :cool:
  4. All,

    Thanks for the ride. It was great. The food was terrific at
    FJ's. Pity they didn't sell beer. Here are the happy snaps
    for this ride--


    The Duke handled excellent in the rain. You wouldn't
    catch me dead doing that on the Gixxer. I still have
    to put trust into this bike... as it totally pisses over the
    Gixxer in handling.

  5. Great Ride enjoyed by all.

    FJ's should be our normal cruise lunch stop.
    Thanks for the pics.

    Nice pic of the Transformer at Williamstown.
  6. Yep good ride guys... Weather made it a little cold, but that should be taken care of by this week hopefully. Stay safe
  7. Hi Sketchie. As a comparsion, I got my kit for $630 at Yamaha Pitmans.
    That's the Dri-Rider Extreme ($380) jacket and Summit panties ($250).


    Happy shopping ;)
  8. Yeah I was either going to go with the Dri-Rider pants, or I was gunna get the matching pants for my jacket and be a power ranger. Depends on what I feel like at the time I guess when I walk in there, I will find out. :)

    Thanks for the price advice dude :grin:
  9. Great so we will have a power ranger, a ninja and a transformer on rides to come.
  10. Yes, we will be a powerful force to be reckoned with :roll: