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[SA] Ride through the Adelaide Hills Sun 29th Oct '06

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by EACRUISER, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Short Notice,

    Plan to go for a ride through the hills to Victor Harbour for a counter meal lunch.

    Start Meet Point - Civic Park Carpark, Tea Tree Plaza
    (Opposite the Plaza)
    Time - 9.30am

    Ride up towards Birdwood and through the hills via the scenic route to Victor Harbour.

    Leave the rest of the day free as if there is enough interest may go down to Cape Jervois after lunch, Normanville and Yankallila. then finish in morphettevale.

    Anyone Interested????

  2. Oh Bugger sounds good and I have been wanting to meet a few of you guys. unfortunately I cant tomorrow as my wife has just passed her L's but doesnt feel confident enough to get out on the roads with the traffic just yet so Im taking her to a quiet area tomorrow to practice her riding, maybe next time
  3. Thats alright, Hope to see you both out and about soon.

    Wish your wife goodluck with the practicing, its not that scary out on the roads with traffic, if you pick the time right.
  4. Yer I know she just needs to get her confidence up a bit, she passed her L's but that is a total of eight hours in a closed environment, its out on the road that she is a bit nervous about but she is going to ride tomorrow although I will be following her, wont be long and she will be confident enough to take on the traffic then we can both start coming on longer rides
  5. Many congratulations to your wife, always good to see females getting out there riding... good stuff, hope to see ya's both on a ride.

    This'll be my first 'big' netrider ride but looking forward to it, and I'll be there!


    Forecast for Sunday
    Fine. Cool and partly cloudy at first clearing to a mild and mostly sunny
    afternoon. Light to moderate southeast to south winds.

    Precis Fine. Mostly sunny.
    City: Min 7 Max 22
    Elizabeth: Min 6 Max 22
    Mount Barker: Min 3 Max 20
    Noarlunga: Min 8 Max 21
  6. Ride Report

    Date - 29th October 2006
    Temperature – Mid 20’s clear skys 

    I arrived at Civic Park, Tea Tree Plaza at 9.00am to find the Rotary Club Of TTG setting up a fair of sorts. While watching cars come in and out, my eyes stumble across the gorgeous blonde girl directing traffic in and out of the complex, well the hardest decision of the trip, do I take a photo or not.

    While I was pondering the decision a member of the “Classic Owners Club trundles in on a 1950 ES2 Norton which is a 500cc single. After a good conversation with the gentleman regarding his gorgeous bike and its plunger style rear suspension and the fact that he built the whole bike from scrap parts in his workshop it has made me want to rebuild a classic BSA, Triumph or Norton.

    While chatting with this gentlemen Siro “Josh” trundles in with Prot3us “Tyson” not long after. This is all of the netrider crew that bothered to go on the ride. After a little while we get chatting to a few of the members of the Classic Owners Club and they invite us to check their ride notes in the “Advertiser??” and that we are more than welcome to join a few of their rides in the future. They are heading to Angaston in the Barrossa today, how tempting that was I had been dreaming of twisties all night so we headed to victor anyway.

    Anyway, its nearly 9.50am when we decide to hit the road and head up along North East to Birdwood, As we were riding out of Inglewood I decided I had enough of sitting behind the slow cars and overtook them, cruising infront of the traffic until the small overtaking spot where Josh and Tyson managed to get past, here I am thinking to myself, must remember smaller capacity bikes behind. Anyway we cruise together into Birdwood after a pleasant ride through Chain of Ponds with minimal traffic.

    We take the right hand turn onto the Birdwood - Mt Torrens road and cruise up this stretch where we turned right again onto Burford Hill Road, we traverse Burford Hill Road and turn left onto Gumeracha-Lobethal Road and follow through to Kenton Valley. As we pass through Kenton Valley, there is this fine ass girl walking towards Lobethal that I had to turn my head around to get a second look, Damn!!!

    Anyway back to the road, We wind our way into Lobethal turning right onto Main Street and ride on through and veer right onto the Adelaide – Lobethal road We ride through all these glorious twisties right up to Norton Summit where we stop for a break as it has sapped a lot out of Josh and Tyson.

    We chat at Norton Summit for a while and Tyson informs me that he hasn’t had any front brakes for the whole trip. I take a look at the bike and his pads have completely disintegrated due to a stuffed floating brake disc that is freely moving in its rings. When I say freely I mean freely.

    Anyway he says its been like that for a while and he is getting a new disc and a set of pads shortly. Well we continue on and as we leave Norton Summit a police bike rides through he seems to be enjoying the twisties, we head back along towards Lobethal to turn right onto Woods Hill Road. We follow Woods Hill road through to Greenhill road where we turn right and then left onto Mt Lofty Summit Road.

    We follow along Mt Lofty Summit road and I pull a little Mono as we go over that hump near Cleland 

    Anyway from there we head around past the summit turnoff and down towards the freeway. We turn left at the road about and head onto the Princess Hwy, we cruise along the Princess Hwy and I we turnoff at Bridgewater, I missed the turnoff so I alter the route and we head along towards Verdum, we turn right onto Mt Barker road and head towards Hahndorf, we turn right onto River Road following a 911 Turbo Convertible, I motion to the guys behind that I am going to have some fun and myself and the 911 wind our way through the hills, with him trying to accelerate away and me casuall staying behind and cornering faster than him. We pull on to the semi straight stretch and I go to pass him which frustrates the Porsche Driver, we are quickly coming up on the next left turn so I slow down and wait for the guys at the end of River Road. We turn left onto Strathalbyn road and follow along.

    We continue along Aldgate-Strathalbyn road and ride through Echunga we follow onto Angus Road and onto Strathalbyn road where we stop in Macclesfield for about 1min.

    We continue along Aldgate-Strathalbyn road and stop at Garage Motorcycles for a refill of tanks and persons in Strathalbyn. We left Strathalbyn on the Strathalbyn – Goolwa rd and headed towards Goolwa. We turned right off Strathalbyn – Goolwa rd onto Airport Road and about halfway along we were passed by some litre bikes doing close to 200km/hr. I accelerated up to 160 and they were still pulling away swiftly. The were gone as quickly as they appeared and they cornered and swapped lanes in sync. Obviously riding together all the time. Two words “Completely Nuts”

    Anyway we turned left onto Flagstaff hill Road then right onto Victor Harbour road.

    As we are leaving Port Elliot there is an Red EA Falcon slowing down as the speed limit sign changes to 80 and is deliberately slowing everyone up, “P-Plater” There is however a hot chick sitting in the back seat watching us and as soon as a gap starts to come up on the other side I down geared twice and accelerated past, Josh and Tyson did the same and the Ford is history. We arrive in Victor and have lunch at the main pub.

    End of first leg.

    After Lunch we travel out of victor and head to Delamere, we turn left out of Delamere and head down to Cape Jervois for a few photos and a break etc.
    As we are sitting there a cattle truck is unloading from the ferry. We wait a while and head back to Delamere, halfway up the hill we come across the cattle truck and about 5 cars dragging behind.

    I sit behind for a little while but the smell starts to get to me, so I over take all the cars and the truck on a tiny little uphill stretch that I could see a big enough gap to overtake. I blast on past and waited for the guys at Delamere. Eventually the guys rock up at Delamere and Tyson and Josh refill and check out the gorgeous daughter of the owner filing mail in the post office section of the General Store, If you’ve been to Delamere you know what I am talking about.

    We leave Delamere about 5 mins after the truck went past and we overtake him on a nice down hill stretch towards Normanville.

    We reach Normanville and check the beachside for any talent. None but a few walking along as we head towards Yankalilla. There were three cameras on the way back to town 2 in the Normanville – Yankalilla area and one tucked in on the road back towards Aldinga.

    Anyway we reached Morphettevale and headead back through town via south road and the ring road to Main north, Near the ring road was what Tyson said to be a hooker as she was apparently wearing a trench coat and from what Tyson said he saw a Lacy Teddy. Anyway we hit the ringroad and headed back along Main North where we split up and called it a day.

    Total Kms – 372km’s
  7. Well she was very attractive...maybe she was just back from a costume party....lol
    why wasnt i invited to the party :'(
  8. Yeah, very small ride outing, had a blast anyway, the single piston performed well.

    That ride up to norton summit, I think its lobethal road is my new favorite road. Ya also forgot to mention that truck that you passed... we ended up passing it three times, lol, and one time you passed it, 300 metres ahead was an overtaking lane :p

    Essentially we we're well behaved, there was no unnessecary risk-taking, many thanks to you two for hanging around at corners waiting for me, its a pleasure riding with you both, and I'm happy to do it again.

    I got home and I was exhausted... I was in bed at 8pm, but still had broken sleep... love the twisties but exhaust me to no end :LOL:

    Pretty sure that EA Falcon that we passed just out of Port Elliot was Gold, but yeah, I noticed that chick briefly too.
  9. For future reference dude, YES! Then we can ALL enjoy her!

    Sounds like a fun day on the road.
  10. Indeed, it was, none of us got Lozzed :LOL:

    For the record, he did take the photo... oh my mistake that was the photo of that old hotrod that ya happened to catch her standing in front of... yessss, nicceeee car indeed :wink:
  11. Pictures will come later tonight, Work has banned photobucket.
  12. Glad you had a good and safe ride,yes it was short notice, probably hence the lack of riders,unfortunetly I couldn't make it,had prior arrangements,never mind,,,plenty of good weather ahead of us so should be able to muster a lot more riders as long as the notice is early enough,,,,always a problem when its short notice,especially for myself,,
  13. Glad you had a good and safe ride,yes it was short notice, probably hence the lack of riders,unfortunetly I couldn't make it,had prior arrangements,never mind,,,plenty of good weather ahead of us so should be able to muster a lot more riders as long as the notice is early enough,,,,always a problem when its short notice,especially for myself,,
  14. I arrived back from San Diego on Monday. Trip was good, but I have been hit with
    Brontitus and the cold ;(. I've only just become mobile today.

    California. They have their sh*t together when it comes to common sense rules.
    It's like driving in the 80's again.

    I reckon the road users consisted of > 0.5% of riders. You would see a sportsbike
    once an outing if you were lucky. Most riders were Harleys. All squided. The place
    took me back to Darwin ;)

    .. I could live there ;)