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[SA] Ride proposal 13th/14th Jan

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fred_kroft, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. All,

    This weekend looks like nice weather. Anyone want to go for a blat ?
    Are there any serious clashes ?


    PS/ Moderators: Could you not move, lock the thread etc. The last ride discussion
    thread with disrupted by over-management, and that caused a clash with a Malala
    event. I know that some people crap on, but discussion is important as it reveals clashes.

  2. Sounds good Jason,
  3. The Cruiser Club have a ride to Strathalbyn on Sunday.

    oh yeah, "hello all" :grin:
  4. Still interested Jason,I dont think the cruiser ride will affect anyone who wants to go for a blat with us :)
  5. There is a sticky at the top of every Ride and Event forum that outlines what the forum is for and what/when it should be posted in .. follow that and you won't create problems for yourself.
  6. Depends on work but I'm keen
  7. Im keen as, just let us know the details and if I can I would love to come, just depends on family and work commitments as usual.
  8. Hi All,

    Does anyone have a preference for a day, time and where we are going ?
    I wouldn't mind doing some of those southern roads that Resurrection took
    us down.

    Bass Player: glad if you can make it. I think the last ride we went on was
    the Victor Harbour ride last June ;)

    Metricryder: PLeased to meet you. Cruiser club.. I suppose they don't do much
    cornering ? hehe
  9. as with last weekend.. probably be still drunk when u guys leave..

    got plans friday, saturday and sunday as it is.

    enjoy the ride fellas!

    and to think... i bought the bike to lower my drinking.... and i miss so many rides due to huge parties the night before.. ohwell.. ;)
  10. Yeah it's been a while.

    Day doesn't bother me. I've torn ligaments in my thumb and dislocated a finger so no more cricket which free's up my Saturdays now.
  11. Yeah, I'm working :cry:
  12. I should be able to get a 1 day 'permit' from the missus.

    No preferences ATM
  13. Count me in thanks,will keep checking here for time and place
  14. DAMN my un-roadworthy bike!
  15. Jason, I don't know exactly which route you want to travel but just a heads up that some roads may still be closed around Kangarilla/Echunga because of that bushfire over the last couple of days.

    Also weather forcast is fine sunny and 28/29 on Saturday and Sunday :grin:
  16. ride

    So it looks like its a go for sunday the 14th Jan
    leaving Morphett Vale Caltex at 11 am sharp.
  17. Is that the one at junk food corner?
  18. You can count me in too!!! Only thing is i'm still L-ing it... But I won't let that stop me :wink:

    To me Sat is always better... My one day off. There's always the chance I might get called in Sunday to help out!

    I'll keep in touch.

    PS... On another note. Tash and Tony are taking me for a ride 2nyt if anybody wants to join in. Through the hills, the ones we toke the Melbourneans on when they came to stay!
  19. Fluffy Bunny Feet and I should be able to make it! If we wake up in time... :LOL:
  20. Dont think l'll be able to make this one either. If you are heading south to Victor, make sure your on your best behavouir. Lots of extra Police about, marked & unmarked BMWs and could be around a while.