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[SA] Ridden On Ride, Sun Feb 18th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jock Rogan

    We invite you to join us on the first of an annual ride to remember and honour fellow riders who can no longer ride with us having passed away. We plan to stop at Second Valley and hold a short prayer of remembrance. Then riders will be invited to cast...

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  2. we did a similar thing for a couple of our mates that passed away in a car accident.
    went down to anne-marie's favourite beach (kilcunda) and placed flowers in the water.
    a poignant experience and a fitting tribute.
  3. Hey I'm gonna already be in Victor on the 18th Feb so I won't be coming along for the trip there. However, I would like to catch a look at some of the netrider bikes and buy one of the badges if i can.. Is anyone able to tell me a rough time for when you think you'll arrive in Victor? Cheers
  4. So far I'll be attending, along with Kickers.

    Its gonna be an absolute scorcher of a day. But I feel that the reason for the ride to be important. Many of us have been touched with grief of losing fellow riders. Family, friends, even just someone you never knew and just automatically nod at on the way past.

    Anyone else going to be there?