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SA Rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Monty9, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Ok, I am a 17 year old P plater who has just got a Honda h100a. I am intending to do my ridersafe in the next couple of weeks. The thing is that the bike is in decent working condition just needs some minor work done to get it to a decent standard. My question is it was last registered in 1995 and still has it's plates. I dont have any form of paperwork for it as it was just sitting in a mates shed and he said i could have it. What will i need to do to register it.

  2. In SA I believe the process is still the same as the last time I did it in 2001.

    It had to go in for an inspection, and basically just had to be roadworthy. Working lights indicators Horn etc. No major rust and good condition brakes and tires.

    They give it the OK and then you fill out a form that has your name and address etc. You give them as much information as you know to be correct about the previous owner, and all engine/chassis numbers that are applicable. They do a check to make sure its not flagged as stolen, and if it all checks to be OK, they give you knew plates, and sticker, and you are on your way.

    There was a cost involved at each step, I don't recall how much, and the way the government is these days I'm positive it has increased. If the bike is only 100cc then your first 3 months rego plus the transfer fee shouldn't be too much more than $120. Find the cost of the inspection, and you should be good to go.

    If you can't trailer it to the inspection place, you may need a day permit which was about $14 from memory.

    Good luck, and I hope I got it right.
  3. My bike has spots of rust on the chrome work but nothing structural. Just need to do some work on the lights. Thanks for all your help mate.
  4. Well I snuck a bike through Regency about 3 months ago, didn't have plates on it.

    They didn't even want to inspect it.

    Completely painless process. :wink: