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SA R-date

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by josh000, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys, I just have some questions.

    I am going to pay for my basic course soon, which after I pass I get a motorbike learners.

    Then I can go for the advanced course and get the rdate?

    My question is, I have no previous motorbike experience, I am not to worried about passing the basic course, but how hard is the advanced course, what do you have to do?

    Is there anywhere I can get private lessons?

    Is it possible to get it within two weeks?
  2. your location has brisbane, your title SA (im guessing south australia)??
    are you asking about SA or QLD?
  3. I mean SA, I have moved to adelaide, I will fix my title.
  4. The second course requires a fair amount of low-speed control (walking pace and nearly full-lock turns). If you can manage that (and you'll get a fair idea after the first course) there is no minimum time limit to go for it!

    I waited 5 months - as a complete newbie!
  5. Even if you fail, you can do the course again without paying a second time.
    Or at least that's what I was told when I went through.
    In a bit of a hurry?
  6. There is no need to wait a certain time before doing your second stage. If you spend a little time practising in between, you should go through without any problems. If you don't do the practice... well, you might be fine.

    I did my first stage, then rode my 100cc scooter around and practised on that for a few weeks, and then went back for stage two. With only the first session for practice on a geared bike I still made it through stage two. Mind you, I think the extra practice time I put in helped, even if it was on a scooter.

    As mentioned above, the second stage assessment is low-speed manouvering plus emergency braking - no worries if you spend time on it in between.