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[SA] protest Aug 5th over rider safe fee hike

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. I just read in the paper there is a planned protest on Saturday August 5th over the huge price hike in rider safe fees. The opposition shadow minister for transport is saying the higher fees will encourage riders to ride unlicenced.

    Does anyone have any info about WHERE the protest is, and what time it is?
  2. Try contacting the south australian branch of the mra for a start.
  3. Well... It's not on the MRASA website, but that's not the most recent of sources in any case.

    Tash, it probably won't be organised by SAMRATS in any case, so I'm guessing that the president would be the best person to contact.
  4. MRA website was down all day...here's the info!


    To inform the Government that the recent 300% price rise is unwarranted, unsubstantiated and unwelcome! Organised by the MRASA. All riders and future riders are encouraged to attend and show our unity.

    When: Saturday, August 5th, 2006.
    Where: Meet at Oaklands Park Training Ground at 9 am. Depart at 10 am to ride to the steps of Parliament House to present our Petition.
  5. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add
  6. thanks Mouth, I was getting to adding this to the calandar, I just had to get offline in a hurry as dinner was ready. appreciate the move.
  7. i waouldnt mind meeting a few fellow bike owners
    anyone else comin
  8. id love ot join.. but i need to go to work that day to earn 2/rrds of my next ride safe course...

    fcuking gov pricks over charging us liek this is fcuked..

    im booke din at end of month for my L's..

    going to cost me $255 or some shit for P's thast fcuked!
  9. unlcucky
    shoulda went for your lisence back when they were $60
  10. yeah i paid my $103- last week instead of $309-

    i heard the price raises is so that more rider safe centres can be opened?
  11. i paid the 103$ last week and booked my L's im 26. previously helf them but had no bike to keep them up on... rode dirt bikes.. no liceince required to do wat i grew up doing... hehhehehe

    but now im paying outta my arse for it...

    will pay full tote on P's but Ls got in before price rise..JUST!
  12. Thanks Mouth, been a busy day yesterday only just started to catch up with all the new posts.

    I will be there to support the future generation of riders who don't need to be paying more for their license.

    I am still of the opinion that they should have license tests every 10 years so there is no descrimination to any age group and so we can train all those full licensed drivers who don't do head checks/blindspot checks before changing lanes back into doing it again.

    Problem is half of the people on the roads today would fail the test and would have to resit to get there license again.

    As I said lets get a good turnout to this one SA Netrider people, we can't let the polititians bully us around, "because we are the minority". I may even see if they have a poster advertising the protest. there might be a few pubs that bikies visit that might need them put up.

    Found the poster will be placing in various well known places.

    Here is the link if anyone else would like to print it out and place it in various places of interest, e.g. motorbike shops, supermarkets, community centers and pubs.








    MY TWO CENTS. :?
  14. damn straight what he sad^^^^
  15. I had transportSA trying to convince me that they could guarantee that with "all the new testing facilities opening", I wouldn't be waiting 2-3 months to get in for my test. You can't convince me that they've been working too hard in the background to get all this ready to have opened on 1st of July to justify that money. You can't convince me that they're even doing more than closing down Walkley Heights in favour of St Agnes. Big gain there for people doing RiderSafe.

    I think it probably would have been much better accepted if they'd upped the rates steadily over the coming year after proving to those using RiderSafe that they WERE actually making it a better system. Upping the prices that much with no evidence other than word of mouth that it'll be better, is a great big crock.
  16. Monday afternoon on 5AA 1395am between 1-4 Nicole Heart will be having conversation and discussion about the Fee changes that we have just incurred for the L's and P plate licences.

    tune in and hopefully have a say.
  17. Yep, well I unhappily copped the $270 fee for the "Advanced Motor Bike Training Course". I do not see how they can justify the price hike when they are closing down one range and opening another. It is not going to reduce the waiting time, it is just going to extend (or in my case reduce) the amount of travel time from one range to another.

    How about SA Transport take the carrot out of their a$$ and realise they are just making more of a convincing statment to the so far unlicenced rider to keep riding unlicenced, or to encourage people who were going to pay to no longer even think about it and just hit the road anyway.

    Maybe they are doing it to help fund the "war on terror" they will probably use that excuse at some stage, it will help protect Australia or something like that. They use that excuse for everything else, why not this too? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I wonder how long it will take for the boys in blue to rock up and call it an illegal protest of some description. No doubt it won't take long. Maybe a few minutes. Either that or parking tickets and they will have to redirect traffic. That would be funny. Better bring the camera :LOL:
  18. id love to attend.. and if i wasnt taking time off next weekend.. (4 days) and also 2 days off to get my L's id take time off and try and attend. as its fcuking rediculous..

    atleast nicle Heart has hermotor cycle licence rides a 200 cc Vespa, so is atleast a sympathetic ear to our cause...

    tho she is a biatch most days... owning an RX-7.. ive had cause to ring up for many a hoon bashing segment...

    but im on her side this time!
  19. I may attend this protest. I will see how it goes...
    Might print off a couple of those posters and place them around aswell..
  20. Can someone please post a "whereis" map of the Oakland's Park training course? I don't spend much time in the South of Adelaide... :oops: