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[SA] proposed barby/tent out etc...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fred_kroft, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Whispering Wall

  2. Normington

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  3. Mannum

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  1. When we were at Mannum, EA pointed across the river, and said that he camps
    their. I then had a brain storm-- Lets have a barby !

    I am happy to bring the barby (and unfortunately, my car). If anyone has got any
    more suggestions on location, then please say ;)


    PS/ I'm off to San Diego for a week ;). Be good to each other ;)
  2. Sooooo... will someone be supplying 10-man (or woman) tent to be used as a garage? :LOL:
  3. anyone know where Normington is ?
  4. Can't say I know where Normington is no. But sound's like a good idea. I'd love to go for a ride and do something like that. I think I have a big a$$ tent somewhere around here.

    P.S. You are aware this topic will get moved to General Discussion, cause it isn't planned it is only a discussion :) Just a warning.
  5. Ohhh Sounds sweet!
    Where ever you plan it can u please give me some notice as to when so I can get some time off? Thanks... :grin:
  6. BBQ AT THE Whispering Wall,

    Camping at Mannum for me.
  7. id be keen.. but dunno bout camping cant quite stick a swag on my back on the bike!!

    bbq does sound good tho!
  8. Normington, if my memory serves me is a bit passed Victor Harbour? Nice place, good views. Sounds like an ideal spot for a BBQ.
  9. I've never heard of Normington. There is a "Normington Penninsula" in Victoria.

    NormanVILLE on the other hand is on Delamere rd, ride down South Rd but instead of turning towards Victor Harbour, take the Yankalilla turn off until you get to Normanville. it's near Second Valley. beautiful ride

    Not sure we'd come on an overnighter as we usually do our camping either together so we can have time alone, or with the family.

    But depending on where it was & how long for, we'd consider it.
  10. Ahhh, Normanville is what I was thinking of, my mistake.
  11. Ahh. I clean forgot all about this post.. (this was before my trip to the US).

    Should we organise a date then.. maybe for mid-december ?
    I've got a barby... and a tent that I've never used. I wouldn't have a clue
    how big it is (or how to erect it). Yes.. Normanville is the one.

  12. The murray is good! I had a camp out near berri, off the road to the lyrup ferry. was a nice spot.
  13. Tents shments.

    With anything like a reliable forecast, surely December is sleeping bag/blanket on the ground weather?

    What's next?Hair dryers? Flushing toilets?

    Mumble grumble...