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[SA] Proposal to limit P-platers to 80kph.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Maximum 80kph urged for P-platers

    80 kph speed limit urged for new drivers
    New research has identified the types of road crashes most often associated with P-plate teenage drivers.

    A study of 50,000 young drivers in South Australia found their most common errors were turning right across traffic and running off roads and hitting fixed objects.

    Almost half the drivers killed on South Australian roads this year have been under 25.

    Researcher Craig Kloeden from Adelaide University says reducing the top speed to 80 kilometres per hour for P-platers might reduce accidents and deaths.

    More at http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/09/02/2674334.htm?section=justin

    So exactly how many run off the road at legal speeds over 80kph - as opposed to illegal speeds. Reducing speed limits still won't stop those travelling at over the current speed limit. And it won't stop the right-hand turn crashes! :roll:
  2. This shit is getting ridiculous.
  3. So what else is new? They're already restricted to 80 in NSW and it hasn't done anyone any harm so far. In fact, it's probably helped.
  4. This is not new - the speed limit for learners was 90km/h a while ago.

    Truck were also limited at one stage - or atleast tried.

    To the point of whether it will make a difference. Sure, it will. A P-plater speeding at 120km/h in a 100km/h zone is ckecking mirrors and being cautious. If the speed limit is 80km/h, the they may speed upto 100km/h.... So, what has it done, the variable difference is still potentially 20km/h less than other drivers.

    Whether or will make a difference at intersections - who know.

    Is it s good idea - dont know. But, atleast it does not focu on bikes only this time.
  5. AFAIK you're talking about L platers. And I can't imagine doing 80km/h on a 110km/h highway as helping.
  6. It hasn't. It's why nobody does, and why we hammer the brakes on at the slightest sight of a cop car.

    Old man used to force me to 80 in the car when I was learning, complete fcuking nightmare. Would get trucks following so close behind me that all I could see in the rearview was the badge on the grill. In all seriousness, letting a learner do 110 would be a little beneficial imo. Mummy sitting next to you to hold your hand as opposed to trying to get triple figures on your way out of the RTA with p's.

    Dumbest restriction of them all.

    EDIT: oh wait p platers lol, obviously just a way to hit them for more money when they get booked.
  7. my bold

    what sort of 'research' comes up with a recomendation of 'might' at the end of it. At least MUARC have the balls to stand by their results, no matter what the rest of us might think about it
  8. .... It's fricking scary!!!... everyone is shooting past you from all directions and you hold up everyone who is behind you. Drivers get impatient when they have to sit behind someone who can't travel at the speed limit! Hell!!... you can't even enter/merge the freeway at the right speed to start with!! :roll:
  9. You've clearly never taken a stats course ;)

    But I agree with the general sentiment, it's horrible to be limited on an highway or the like. Fortunately ACT doesn't have those restrictions.
  10. Well, you don't know far enough. In NSW, L plate drivers are limited to 70. P platers for their first year are limited to 80 (as I said in my post above) and 90 for the next 2 years.
  11. Right, while there wouldn't be a problem with pottering around the country town called Adelaide, almost none of this bulls^it considers rural drivers. 100% against it. :evil:
  12. 80 for L platers.
    90 for red P1s.
    100 for green P2s.
  13. It wouldn't be so bad if everyone was obeying the speed limit, but as an L-plater, you're probably terrified of losing your license so you'll be doing 80 or 85, while everyone will be passing you doing 120 or 125 or more.

    Not only is it scary, but I think it's dangerous. I think there are probably a lot of L-platers out there who take their plates off if they know they're going to hit a highway.
  14. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/index.html

    Its not even my bloody state.
  15. Not familiar with SA licensing laws but if its similar to NSW where you're on Ps for a minimum of 3 years... thats just retarded! What the f@#$, honestly!
  16. Yep!!... I think it's bloody dangerous!! :shock:
  17. And what happens if they DON"T know that are about to hit a highway, and come upon it by accident? They travel at 70 while all around them are doing 100?
    Of course this shit is dangerous, it's KNOWN to be dangerous, and it's been PROVED to be dangerous in dozens of studies all over the world. That doesn't stop imbecile administrations (like yours in NSW, and now SA?) from implementing it, though.
    Where the f#$% do these idiots get their advice from? D!ckheads like this Craig Kloeden who look only at a bunch of numbers and not at the actual dynamics involved in the accidents themselves.
  18. Academia- where western society keeps those people who are unable to cope with the real world. :wink:
  19. if this was me and i was on my ps i would be taking off my plates and doing the speed limit. i however am in rural victoria and being victorian we could do the limit except for when we went into nsw. if they bring this law they will have a lot of those people who live near the bored crossing over to get their wheels.

    in my opion all it is more paper work to shuffle around

  20. .. that should read "Macadamia"... 'cos it's just nuts!!! :LOL: