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(SA) Pre-Learner Ride Bike Inspection 11-3-07

Discussion in 'Other States' started by KevS, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Seems a few of you guys need a little advise regarding basic preventative maintenance and what to check before riding your bikes, so who would be interested in getting out of bed a little earlier on Sunday and checking their bikes over, lubing chains etc before we set out on our Learners Ride, like I said I'm no bike Mechanic but I can show you what I do.
    Unless there is a Motorcycle Mechanic reading this thread and they would be kind enough to give up an hour or so of their time.

  2. Seeing as I was kind of the 'inspiration' for this whole idea with my basic questions in the other thread, I'm more than happy to jump on the band-wagon, I'll take all the help I can get! :grin:

    Kev, in answer to your questions in the other thread, I've got a 1985 Honda CM250. I've checked the basic oil levels, tyre pressures etc since I got the bike (I've only done about 50kms since I got it) but I would love to be shown how to do the things like lubing the chain and adjusting the brakes/clutch etc.

    Would it be more helpful to organise this for a Saturday afternoon? They way we can all come along and learn, then go home and do it all before going on the ride on Sunday. Either way, you can count me in!


  3. I'm keen for both the ride and the bike checking (still trying to confirm my attendance either way)
  4. I'm pretty busy Saturday with family commitments but I was thinking if you guys wanted to come over Sunday before the ride, probably about 9.00 a.m. or so I would just run you through what I check before riding then we will just head off from here, I will have my wife Renee and her sister leaving from here anyway, so its no hassle at all, we are at Manningham which is close to the city and fairly central.
    What you would need to bring is the toolkit that comes with your bike if you have it, a small can of chain lube whichever brand you use or prefer, and your bikes manual if you have it, I can pretty much provide anything else you may need.
    You should check your engine oil before you leave home if you know how because if it needs topping up you should use the same oil that is in the bike.
    Apart from that its fairly basic so we should be fine.
    It shouldnt take long unless of course you discover any big problems
  5. sounds fantastic!!!

    ive got some one staying with me for the next few weeks, but i would love to participate in all of this.. from bike maintenance to the L plate ride.

    will sort out my logistics and potential plans and do my best to be there!
  6. Be cool if you could make it.
  7. my bike needs some TLC.. so might aswell pick up a few tips :D

    might even have my guest drive my RX-7 along behind us to block cars if needed, or carry stuff

    hmmm few things to think of,

    but ill be in touch :D
  8. Count me in.. 9am on Sunday sounds painful after sat night but i'll take it easy on the drinks and get more sleep :)
  9. Can anyone recommend a can of chain lube to buy, and a place to get it from?

    vtr_rida: I thought 9am on a Sunday was a bit early as well, but then I realised it's a long weekend this coming weekend, so you get to sleep in on Monday anyway!

    I live further south, down in Mitchell Park (near Marion and Sturt Roads), so if anyone wants to meet up to ride out to KevS's house, I'm happy to do that as well.


  10. you can buy chain lube from any bike store, go to Bills, Peter Stevens, Boltons, they all stock it.

    not sure if any brand is better than any other...
  11. Yep 9.00a.m. is a bit of a killer but the original idea was to meet at 10.30 so I just said 9.00 to give us a bit of time, we shouldnt need an hour and a half but I dont really know how many people are gonna rock up so I was just trying to be on the safe side. Im actually going to escort a couple of learners here from the northern areas but I might ask RedDragon if he can do it as he lives that side of town and I may be able to meet you guys down your way a bit if your more comfortable having an escort (I will talk to RedDragon)
    Chain Lube is available from any bike shop, Im currently using the Belray Superclean chain Lube which seems pretty good, I was using Maxima Chainwax but I swapped because for some reason it seemed to be getting messy, chain lube is one of those things that everyone seems to have a favourite but they are the ones I have used in the last couple of years.I usually keep a large can at home and also carry a small can on long rides, the large cans are a lot more economical but again thats just what I do and everyone has their own ideas.
  12. Let me know where and when Kev,
    no problems with that,

  13. Quick question, kind of on topic, and kind of not.

    My left hand mirror is loose in it's socket, so the mirror section moves whilst I'm riding from the vibrations and movement of the bike (not the arm, just the mirror, where the ball and socket movement area is). Is there any way to tighten this, or should I just look at getting some new mirrors? As I would like to get this fixed before Sunday, so that I have 2 mirrors that work, not one that likes to jump around!


  14. Muppeteer: Yeh it is early but like you say we've got monday. It's great that KevS is willing to give us more of his time just to make sure we all get enough time to check over the bikes properly :) Much appreciated. Oh and i'm at Panorama so we should meet up in the morning beforehand :grin:.. I'll PM ya
  15. Oh and btw for anyone that's wondering besides Muppeteer i use Silkolene. Find it's good, but most people say motul is the best i think(?). Like someone said, everyone has their opinion but stay away from Castrol products, apparently.. :? Confused yet
  16. rock oil is a great wax lube :grin: DelusionL u may want to use your bike to block the cars :)
    KevS what a great idea you have here, there is a lot more to just riding your bike than meets the eye :)

    WOW my 1st post since i joined way back in 05 :grin: [/b]
  17. i use a shell product, sprays out white. seems to do the job.. my chain needs a good clean actually...

    and yeah i dont mind riding as a blocker. im pretty confident and i dont mind getting in the way if needed :p

    just keep me away from dirt bikes... ( see " have u ever been hurt/injured thread) and ill be fine :D
  18. this is a great idea! if i can make it ill be there
  19. Ok, so it seems everyone is meeting to go down for the ride on Sunday at about 10am. Is anyone also going to the pre-ride inspection? If it's only going to be me I may as well make some other arrangements.