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[SA] Pillion on r-date

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vtr_rida, May 10, 2007.

  1. Ok, so i was originally under the impression i had to wait out my L's and 12 month r-date period before legally being allowed to take a pillion. But, a few people have told me that once you get of L's and onto r-date you can take a pillion, the only thing restricted is the bike. Is this the case..? I'm checking up on it because i kno if i use ignorance as an excuse the fuzz won't buy it :(

  2. You can pillion on r-date, you are fully licenced just restricted to a LAMS approved bike....0.05 BAC, no speed restrictions (other then posted limits), unless of course you are still on P's or L's for car licence.
  3. Hey mate, this is directly from the Driver's Handbook, available on the Transport SA website here: http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/pdfs/registration/handbook04_2007/drivers_handbook.pdf

    "Specific road laws apply to motor bike riders
    These are:
    • An approved helmet must always be worn.
    • Motor bikes built after June 1975 must have two rear view mirrors to provide a clear view of the road behind.
    • Only one pillion passenger may be carried and then only if the bike is fitted with proper footrests and seating.
    • Pillion passengers must always sit astride the seat facing forwards and with both feet on the footrests.
    • Learner riders must not carry a pillion passenger unless the passenger is acting as a qualified supervising driver and the person has held a current unconditional Class R licence for the preceding 2 years.
    • Overtaking on the left of another vehicle in the same lane is both dangerous and illegal.
    • Riding between two lanes of stationary vehicles where lane lines are marked on the road is also both dangerous and illegal.
    • Riders may ride two-abreast but no more than 1.5 metres apart.
    • Both the rider and passenger are responsible for ensuring the passenger wears an approved helmet."

    As you are no longer a learner rider, you are allowed to carry passengers!

    ...also, it's a bit sad to see that lane splitting/filtering is written down in black and white in a government document as 'dangerous and illegal' there isn't really a way around that one!
  4. Thanks for the info re splitting, I'll have to be a bit more careful i think...
  5. Don't believe everything they put in these "handbooks."
    As far as I'm aware, South Australian Road Rules are based on the "Australian Road Rules" which have nothing in them that stops you from lane splitting. This was the reason the NTC attempted to bring in rule 151A....As most know, they failed.

    If you do it sensibly, lane splitting can be done legally.
  6. Yes i was lookin on that website the other day.. Was gonna send it to ya actually re the other day when we were pondering lane splitting. I used to do it at every intersection when i first started riding but now i don't bother unless the traffic is really heavy..

    Cheers for the responces guys