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[SA] Peter Stevens testing bikes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by GForce, May 31, 2007.

  1. Went into Peter Stevens in the city today and wanted to arrange to test ride a few bikes for the following week. The guy i talked to said that he would only let me test ride a bike if i filled out the forms and and signed it. basically i would have to buy the bike first before i could test ride it and i was upset because that was forcing me to purchase it before even riding it. How am i suppose to know if i like the bike if i have never ridden it?

  2. I hope you told him to shuvit!

    +1 find a real dealer who wants to sell you a bike, not force you to buy one.
  3. my brother test rode a thruxton there not so long ago - he had to sign something but it wasn't anything to do with BUYING the bike .. he did raise an eyebrow at it but he made it VERY clear that he wasn't in the position to be buying a bike that day, let alone the next week, let alone the next month and they still let him test ride it ...
  4. actually let me add to that - they *insisted* he test ride it
  5. PS City have never let me test anything, but PS Ringwood were willing to let me take certain models out for a spin occasionally.
    It really depends on whether that store has purchased the model from the distributor (ie. actually own it, and have it prepared and legal). If it's only on loan for display from the supplier they will never let you take it.
  6. When it comes time for you to sell your bike, id like you to let anyone that comes along simply jump on it and go for a test ride :roll:

    They would have made you sign a form that you agree to cover the bike if you damage it whilst on a test ride. It's standard practice.

    "If you bin it, you own it" is what the paperwork would have been for.
  7. test riding

    when I baught my CBR600 i had to sign an "agreement" it said that I would have to pay $1500 excess if there was an accident and it was my fault or if it wasn't my fault and I didn't get the other parties details

    " so in other words I could be laying on the side of the road with a broken leg and the guy who has just hit me drives off and I end up with a bill from the hospital, time off work and a $1500 excess" Hmmmmm

    make sure you someone goes out with you that can witness something just in case. thats the go.
  8. Or, don't crash a test bike. I think that's a good policy.
  9. When I bought my bikes from Jeffrey's in FTG, they asked for a general disclaimer and waiver and then told me to go for a ride. They set no time limit or location. When bought the Tuono from MotoOne, they were the same. The only time I have had a test ride at PS, then took me on the ride and followed at close distance on a route they planned for at most 15mins.

    Although a shop is taking a risk, there is no way I'd hand over 15 large ones without a decent and thorough test ride.
  10. yea i dont have anything against signing a form saying that i am liable if i crash it, etc but he was nothing like that. very strict and did not seem he really wanted to sell me a bike.
  11. really, has anyone had a good experience with peter stevens?
  12. simple tell them if you have to sign a pre sale agreement (thats what it sounds like)then tell them you will shop elsewhere money talks in strange ways
  13. Yes, Me, and I'm sure thousands of others have too :roll:

    Typical of Australian's really, you work hard to become the biggest and people are only interested in "hurting" you :roll:
  14. Re: test riding

    yeah that sounds about right - I signed something similar when I took my bike for a test ride at Bill's

    Let's also add that the OP was about PS in Adelaide which doesn't get NEARLY as many bad reviews as the ones in Vic. I've heard a few shockers with people being ignored and stuff .. personally, I've always had someone by my side at PS and I've always had fantastic service in the accessories section. Had my Oggy Knobs put on there as well and they did it for $10.
  15. Yeah i saw a hot chick in there!....once...
  16. I have heard there are people who say they have had no problems with Sumoto, but I coudn't recommend them to a newbie.

    Perhaps even more typical of some segments is to defend their choice of dealer by sledging anyone who presents evidece that said dealer might be in some way imperfect,
  17. Why shouldn't he defend them? His experiences have been worth defending, just as mine have. I understand that some people have bad experiences with certain dealers but just because you've had a bad experience doesn't mean you should be applying a blanket "you suck" view of that dealer and dissing the possibility that some people have NOT had that bad experience.. Being reasonable applies to both sides.
  18. PS let me test ride the demo 675 they had during the period I had a $500 deposit on a 675 for 6+ months waiting period (only got mine when they actually arrived in Oz for the first time) and said I could withdraw the deposit and get the $500 back if I wasn't happy with the test ride. Can't say that was bad, at PS in ringwood. The city store have been so so with my experiences with them. Some have been good, some have been really really bad when I have gone in to the store for gear/merchandise to buy. (Always with $$ in wallet wanting to buy stuff)

  19. It's ok emsie, Moike dislikes me and therefore will always have shot ;)

    Hard to believe yeah?? :rofl: :rofl:
  20. I've had mixed dealings with PS in Adelaide for about 9 years now. I keep going back though!! (they are the only Triumph dealer here)

    They are prompt and courteous in the sales department, heavily booked and running late in the servicing department, howerver they do try to sort out issues then and there whenever possible. Spare parts usually require an order and a few days delay.

    I've test ridden a few bikes from them, and though I do have to sign an insurance declaration each time, it's hardly onerous or unreasonable. I've never been refused a test ride on any occasion. My only gripe about them is their location. Another store in Adelaide would be a good thing.