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{SA} PASSED my advanced test on Saturday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by edgelett, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Hopefully I'll pass & get my R-Date licence. I'm really confident riding around town & on country trips i.e to Birdwood/Goolwa/Tanunda.
    How confident I am going around an s weave or riding between two lines at 1m/second remains to be seen.

    any words of advice???

    any tips??
  2. I might come along and watch. :popcorn:
    cheer you on with words of encouragement...
    "you can dooo it"
  3. thanks for the offer - it's saturday not sunday (brain was elsewhere)
    but since I told my BF "please don't come, having people stare is going to mess with my head" he'll probably be offended if netriders go!!
  4. good luck, miss T
  5. best of luck now deep breath I can do it :cool:
  6. good luck

    just remember to breath and to relax as hard it seems to relax. :)

    Also to have fun.
  7. Good luck with your test today :)
  8. You'll be fine :D
  9. I PASSED!!!!!!

    Only lost points on 1 excercise, got full points for everything else.

    in addition, I put down a deposit on a new bike yesterday too (1998 Honda Hornet 600) so I'm very excited today!!!!

  10. Well done and Congrats to ya :)
  11. Congrats edgelett!! It's great to get rid of the yellow peril :grin:
  12. Give us the low down then , what did you lose points on ?
  13. Well done. Good stuff. Did heaps better than I did. Thought you'd have a 250 restriction for a year?
  14. yeah I do - the Hornet is going to be my project for the next 12 months. the tank needs to be re-painted due to the previous owner doing a bad touch up job on some stone chips. my BF says the paint isn't sealing properly & could let moisture in. So i'm going to sand it all back & get a custom paint job. I also need to fix the clutch, it's a little heavy. While it's off the road I might also change the mirrors & look at a new exhaust.
    my BF has his full licence so he'll take it out once every couple of weeks for me to keep the battery charged.

    gegvasco - I lost 10 points on the weaving. it was demented cause that was the one I was most confident on!! I was terrified of screwing everything else & I nailed them! basicly I stuffed up & went over a reflector & then pulled my clutch in & put my foot down. oh well.

    only 50% of the people in my class passed actually. three of the people who failed, did it on the emergency breaking. One guy was flying - instead of doing 30kph he was doing over 60kph and couldn't stop in time.
  15. how many people make up one class?
  16. there were 10 in our class
  17. Good work Tash!

    What absolute nub's!

    Although one bloke in my course fell over with the CB and had it ontop of him, the instructor had to run in and hit the kill switch coz he twisted the throttle and held it lol!! Then afterwards the wanker tried to blame it on he only rides a CBR250RR and cant pracice any slow stuff....
  18. @ edgelett
    on passing the test, and your new bike!!
  19. Sounds like a nice little project. Just make sure it isn't completed before your restriction finishes otherwise it will become a very long wait if the bike is ready to go.

    It doesn't take much. I blew the U turn in the box badly(10 points). Knew I would. Then the instructor suggested I blow through the slow ride test to make sure I didn't get more than 10 points. Leaving me 1 point for the emergency brake test which was make or break(no pun intended) anyway. Worked. So although if I had tried everything properly, probably would have ended up with 10 points, ended up with 20 as insurance against 25 and a fail.

    Were the instructors harsh on it given the 11m limit is done purely by eye? We didn't have anyone fail at all and there were some dodgy looking stops.

    60kph - wow. Was the instructor running for cover? We had one person lose control and trash the CB250 within 2 minutes of getting on the range - lost control, let the clutch out at high revs, bike took off, she fell off and bike ploughed into a fence post. She took a lot of skin off her arm and was done for the day.
  20. Congrats Miss Tash, on passing the dreaded test, and on joining the Hornet's Nest. I know it's been a long exhaustive (and exhausting!) process, and it's great that you're going to have some time to spiff up the besatie for your full-license status.

    Pics, (tank and all), please!!