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[SA] Overtaking and single unbroken line

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vanman37, May 21, 2007.

  1. Was out yesterday and my riding buddy was cautioned by police after he overtook a truck on a single broken line and re-entered his side of the road once the line had changed to an unbroken one. He was all polite and "yes sir....no sir" so got away with a caution instead of a supposed $200 fine.

    I know it's illegal to commence overtaking against an unbroken line, but to re-enter your side of the road????
  2. The pass should have been completed before the unbroken line started.
    He should count himself lucky but you get a break sometimes :grin:
    MOD EDIT: the following link is a PDF file so it is downloadable maybe the OP should have considered that by stating so rather than posting a blind link to a file download.
    See Road Rules Page 6
  3. It's think its pretty simple really, and it doesn't vary from state to state. Unless something has changed in the last few years its illegal to cross a solid white at all, end of story. Say you were stationary, and wanted to enter a servo on the opposite side of the road. Even if there were zero traffic coming in the opposite direction it would be illegal to turn right and enter the servo if there was a solid white between you and it. It's also usually illegal to park opposite a solid white, as it would be forcing someone overtaking you to cross the line, so you are effectively blocking the road. The only exceptions I know of are; To avoid an obstruction, (say a fridge that fell off a ute or that illegally parked car), or the exemption for a vehicle over 7.5 meters in length displaying a 'Do not overtake turning vehicle sign' that cannot turn safely without crossing the line.
  4. Actually you are allowed to park against a single white line
    it's the double white lines you cannot overtake or park against in VIC.
  5. I'd be interested to see the rule that confirms you can overtake on a solid white anywhere?. A single white usually means it is legal for oncoming traffic to overtake, but not you, a double white usually means you can't overtake in either direction.
  6. 134. Exceptions to keeping to the left of a dividing line

    (1) This rule applies to a driver on a road with a dividing line.
    Note Dividing line is defined in the dictionary.
    (2) If the dividing line is a single broken or a continuous line, or a broken dividing line to the left of a single continuous dividing line, the driver may drive to the right of the dividing line to overtake another driver.
    Note 1 Overtake is defined in the dictionary.
    Note 2 A driver must not overtake another driver unless the driver has a clear view of any approaching traffic, and it is safe to overtake the other driver—see rule 140.

    This is available for your viewing pleasure from HERE (it's a PDF file)
  7. Before the Australian road rules were "unified," to overtake on a single unbroken line in SA was legal. However, it has changed to fall in line with other states.

    Don't ask me to show proof, I've thrown out my 1996 edition of the Driver's Handbook (SA).
  8. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=554198#554198 :wink:

    (Pictures have gone walkabout, but http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/r...C-49ED-B3B4-34A882148421/0/DrivinginVicRR.pdf
    (Page 26 of the PDF, Page 20 according to their markings - Figure 1 & 2))

    This apparently applies to Victoria ONLY, as we haven't subscribed to the national road rules.. :?
  9. Once again I'm bent over a bullbar! :?
  10. <OffTopic>
    Good to see that the moderation is fair and equitable to all. 2WA got mod edited for a link to a PDF, yet BillsABiker didn't. (Not picking on you Bill :wink: )

    Maybe if the Mod involved knew how to use a computer with more nous than an orangutan with dyslexia they'd be able to understand how things work. :roll:

    Bullbars are the least of your worries 2WA. You could be overtaking on a single white line in another state! :LOL:
  11. Well slap me silly and call me Susan....bloody Victorians.
  12. Thanks macca. Dont get yourself banned over me :)
  13. Hmmm......thanks for this information people.

    I don't think my original question has been answered - though severaldid try more specifically.

    I am clear about not crossing a white line to overtake if the line is unbroken. That's not an issue.

    If a pass is legally commenced against a single broken white line but cannot be completed before the line changes to a single unbroken white line, then it's an illegal manouvre?

    Scenario - I start a pass against the broken line, but the other vehicle speeds up (illegal I know) and therefore you cannot complete the manouvre before the line changes to an unbroken one. What then? Are you expected to hang out there on the wrong side of the road until the line becomes broken again???????

  14. Go back and read the rules again. You can not be on the right hand side of a (the) solid line.

    Have fun hanging out on the wrong side of the road if you like but it's not a place I'd like to be :grin:
  15. I came across this a while back and 'aparently' it's because of the trams, so you can pass a tram on the right where there is also roadside parking on the curb efectivly giving no way to pass a tram but on the right.

    dashed line = overtaking
    1x solid line = overtake but be bloody carefull
    2 x solid line = no overtaking
  16. I did. So should you. It clearly provides for certain scenarios when you CAN cross a single unbroken line. It says overtaking is not one of those scenarios, however this implies it's illegal to COMMENCE an overtaking manouvre - not complete it.

    Know what.........I'll ask the local copper.

    Cheers bud.
  17. It's pretty obvious isn't it?

    The rule says "You must keep to the left of these lines. You must not cross these lines to overtake>snip
    Re-entering your side of the road is still a part of overtaking.....so...yes, it would be illegal. :)

    Doesn't mean you should hang out on the wrong side of the road waiting tho...lol :grin:
  18. Bill - there are provisions for crossing a white line that is unbroken. Did you read the rules, or are you just deliberately being a twat? You CAN move to the right of them. You can cross them (ie entering traffic from a slip road, from a driveway, etc) These are circumstances where you cross that line from the left of it, rather than from the right. See what Im asking?

    Do you actually know the answer to my question, or are you just guessing?
  19. Maybe I'm being too vague. Let me explain the context for you.

    I was travelling on a country road - one lane in either direction. I was in an 80kph zone and folowing a large truck which was doing 50kph. The road was divided by a single broken line, meaning I could overtake, which I did. Up ahead, was a side road. A car pulled out in front of the truck from the side road. He didn't see me for the truck. As I passed the truck, I saw the car. Since the car was still travelling slowly and wans't up to speed and to pull in front of the truck would mean I would have to slow tothe speed of the car thus placing me in danger of being hit by the truck, I elected to proceed in the safest manner, which was to pass the car in the same manouvre. In so doing, I travelled to a point where the dividing line had changed to a single unbroken line which is where I re-entered my side of the road.

    The cop travelling behind me, who also elected to overtake the truck, and who performed the same manouvre of passing the slow car as well also re-entered the lane against the single unbroken white line. He then overtook me (again against the unbroken white line) before signalling me to pull over. He then cautioned me about crossing the unbroken line.

    Does that help?