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[SA] Opposition objects in parliament to ridersafe fees

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by edgelett, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. hey all,
    as part of my job I have to read the Hansard (stuff that was said in parliament) every day.

    Came across this in Thursday's Hansard:

    it goes on for a while, read the whole thing here:

  2. Okay, it's been said, but are they actually going to act on this recommendation?
  3. well I can't answer that question, I'm not a member of parliament

    As with anything in parliament, there will be a vote.
    If the majority votes to change it, it will get changed. If the majority votes to keep it, it stays the same.

    usually issues like this are debated for a while & each side gives their case, then they vote.

    you probably have no idea of the number of bills that get introduced to parliament daily that get voted out.
  4. Hi all,
    When it comes to politics I would not count an anything until it has been sighned off on and or passed!

    This is just one of many issues the sociaty have to face but it seems that politics has no room for fairness, logic and reason! They the politician have lost touch with reality and have even publicly admitted it, but alas will not do anything about it!

    As for the so called democratic voting process its a sham!
    There are so many bills that have been passed that are absolutly rediculas, with no moral grounding and in some cases to benifit them selves and or family or friends!

    I love the spin! I like to put them in the same class as the ex-information minister of IRAQ but they are not as humorous or entertaining!

  5. What reasons were given for the increase as being a good idea in the first place???
  6. here's the govt's response on the Thursday, which explains their reasons for having it so high:

  7. Ya know, it's not all that unreasonable.

    It DOES cost more to run a motorcycle course, where you provide vehicles, fuel, maintenance, insurance etc - and people can not operate the vehicles with someone who knows what they are doing.

    I don't support the increase, but I understand it.

    Basically, SA will earn the rep as motorcycle un-friendly. Less licenses mean bike sales will go down, increasing demand for fuel and putting it's price up.

    Eh, they'll bring it on theemselves I suppose.
    Some good questions though, would be:

    - Will the rider training be improved with the new costs? or is this simply the new cost without subsidy of existing training?

    - If so - then the government is refusing to support motorcycle rider training, despite the fact motorcycles use less fuel, reduce emissions traffic congestion, and road wear?

    - Where will the funds be allocated that were previously used to subsidise rider training?

    If the cash is going somewhere else where it's needed - fine.
    If it's heading towards pollies super annuation funds - then you make the people angry.
  8. I feel for you SA guys on this one. It's clearly a backdoor method of trying to price riding out of the equation for young people, etc., probably masterminded by some self-styled safety "experts" in the bureaucracy.
    You'll stand very little chance of getting the incumbent government to turn around, though. It just looks bad if they cave in to pressure - and admit to making a mistake.
    Sad to say, but the only course of action I would see is to keep up the pressure on the opposition so that they are encouraged to make some kind of pre-election promise, and then wait for a change of government.
  9. Yeah, I actually read the entire article last night and what I said didn't make sense. At the last part of the speech he doesn't even put it to the vote, as he knows it'd be defeated anyway... :cry:

    I still think we need another protest :wink:
    This time we should really disrupt traffic.
  10. id be interested in any protest ride.

    my only days of avilabability are wendnesdays and sundays, due to work,

    the mass increase of fees has lead to far higher amounts of unlicenced riders on our roads.

    i know two riders that have their bikes a nd ride regulary, but due to low wages and highprices of commodities now. they just cant afford to stick over a weeks worth of wages aside for licence fees!
  11. What a misleading statement. What's the bet that the reason why waiting times have reduced is because fewer people are applying, because they can't afford it.

    Well, the government's got one up on the SA motorcycling community, that's for sure.
  12. complete agrreement on you mjt57!

    same as anything tho.. government can twist figures to say anything they wish..

    *enter the homer simpsons statistics quotes here please*

    increase of fees has no way lowered the amount od riders or peopel keen to ride... but it has lowered those that can AFFORD to ride.

    there was no way i paid 600$ to get my car licence. and my MR truck licence was paid for by work, but even that was only bout a grand. and thats heavy machinery!

    not a basic Learner licence!

    its a blatant rip off. and everyone knows that.

    just another sign of politicians really not giving a fcuk except for their own pockets.
  13. Maybe if they used the money we pay to subsidise for the private use for their family to use government cars plus what we subsidise for the pollies meals and alcohol,which is ridiculous in the first place,maybe they could at least reduce the fees to an acceptable cost and save money in the long run by reduced road toll and injuries trauma,which is what the courses are aimed at in the first place.
  14. I just can't believe that NSW is actually cheaper than SA for something!