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[SA] Off duty Police rider fatality

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Very Sad to see any rider go down, RIP , Mr Policeman, My thoughts are with your Family and Friends,

    Some good may come from this for all of us,

    The Police will do a major investigation of the scene and the reasons for the drop,

    Their responses to this wont be full of Spin,

    We may even get some improvements for our riding from the Govt responses to this accident,
  2. more speed cameras is what we will get, SA is the revenue state

    Sorry to hear about your loss family / friends
  3. That Armco is very unforgiving stuff, I don't know what would be a better alternative though. That section of road is a fairly fast sweeper from memory.
  4. I posted this a few days ago and it got deleted.
    I see the thread where the Police knocked a rider off has been given the green light and turn into a slagging match.

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  5. Yeah it's all a bit confusing.
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  6. 2 threads were merged it got cleaned and now reinstated.
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  7. Clear as mud thanks @smee.
  8. no worries mate glad to help ;)
  9. It was moved pending discussion... Sorry mate i missed your post when i dragged it out of holding... Will fix when on a pc.
  10. All good Rob. The story got a run in the end !
  11. Hate to see anyone killed - regardless of their profession
  12. No probs. FTR though, Justus has returned the missing post at the top of this thread. Balance has been restored in the world. ;)
  13. I cannot believe the number of aspersions cast on the rider from the idiot assistant chief commissioner bird brain!!...and the poor bugger has died, FFS!

    It's sad to see a rider taken. :-(

    As for what may come of it...
    A single vehicle accident in which speed was believed to be a contributing factor.
  14. Possibly inviting an entry into the realm of conjecture here...

    What reasons would they have for not yet adding this incident to the road toll? Died of natural causes prior to impact?
  15. It' possible to have a heart attack, embolism, or a stroke etc.
    Although going by 'bird brains' remarks, natural causes don't fit too well.
  16. While I am not, in any way, commenting on the subject of the OP, some single vehicle crashes are suicide.
  17. Yeah roger that !
    At least we have the link back !