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[SA] Normanville Run, Sun Jul 23rd

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: sketchie

    Riders to gather at the BP petrol station, West Tce 8.30 - 9.00am for coffee & munchies. The ride departs at 10.00 am sharp. Lunch will be at Normanville. Route: Via Anzac Highway, Brighton Road, South Road and into Normanville. After lunch we will dec...

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  2. Good work sketchie,

    I will put my hand up as first cab off the rank for going, Surprise Surprise.
  3. good work sketchie, im in for a ride

    good work sketchie, im in for a ride

    so sketchie are you going to get some pants or what?

    my bike was dirty as all @@## from saturday

    took me ages to get it clean

    but it was a good ride,

    going home the gorge road was intresting

    very very slippy but not a car in sight.

    anyway seeya later guys

  4. I can't make any promises but hopefully I'll be there (minus the big yellow L plate and paranoia of cops :grin: )
  5. Re: good work sketchie, im in for a ride

    Yeh should have some pants by then... If not I will be too cold so it will be a mission I think. Yeah my bike was dirty as hell as well after that ride, which sucks cuz I cleaned it the night before :evil:
  6. Well thats part of the fun of riding isn't it guys.
    I washed my bike the night before as well and then washed it again when i got home.

    Gave it a quick Chain clean and lube as well.

    Make sure you get some pants mate, if you get matching then i would like to see an avatar pic of yourself in the power ranger suit with your ranger name across it.

    NINJA out!!
  7. Is there a grey power ranger? I dont think there is. Cuz that is the colour it would be. So that would be a bit silly wouldn't it :LOL:

    You silly Ninja's don't know much do you. :p
  8. weather permitting we should be there.
    but if rain is forcast we won't be.
    I just don't find riding in the rain fun.
  9. Well the ninja training does not give us time to watch such programs.

    Come on mate, be serious now, i only ever saw the pink ranger when watching that show anyway, so there could have been a grey ranger hiding behind the pink ranger.
  10. Yes yes, serious. There may have been. Anyway there will be some form of power ranger coming on the way.
  11. OK Guys,

    Well i am not going to make this one, just checked my appointments and my Advanced Course (rider i mean ripoff safe) is this Sunday (23rd).

    So have a good ride and take a few photos while your at it.