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[SA] New Ride day proposal - Sat25 or Sun26

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fred_kroft, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Sat

  2. Sun

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  3. Don't care.

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  1. What da ya fink ?

  2. sounds great, only problem is my bike is track-only, so otherwise would be real keen, I hope you get some takers though.
  3. Saturday would suit me better, however my bikes due for a service and I might have wedding stuff to sort out so I can't guarantee my presence.
  4. This weekend is '"Classic Adelaide Rally"
    On both Sat and Sun they will be south, east and north-east of the city. All the special stages will have road closures.
    This will make a ride through the hills a dodgy - lots of rubber neck traffic.

    The other possibility is to actually go for a ride to see the rally, especially when they have their lunch break. Which will be down south both days.
  5. Definately not a good weekend for a ride unless you head a fair distance from the hills to get away from the "Classic" traffic. Me I'll be part of that traffic, otherwise I'd consider a ride. But careful Mr Plod will be out in force, have fun, keep it rubberside down. :)
  6. I'd be keen for sure but unfortunately I play cricket all day Saturday. Sunday I have my first pre-season training for footy :mad:
  7. work all day saturday. and sunday lunch withm my father and two lil brothers, ( only discovered i had them 2 months ago)

    so cant bail on this..

    enjoy the ride.

    ride safe
  8. All,

    Re: Jurassic Rally

    Good call

    I think it might be a nice weekend to wash the bike ;)

    *sigh* .. Oh well ! bollocks.
  9. Hi Fred
    I will be out there somewhere this weekend. Just have to find out where the rally is running and take another route.
  10. Or we could slide it to the following week ? (11/25 - 26/11)

    I've got another route in mind.... meet at the Shell on Darcy Street (Magil area)