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[SA] new adverts target speed 'creepers'

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by edgelett, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. a new TV safety campaign was released yesterday in SA targeting (who would have guessed!) speeding.

    This time it's about people who slowly creep over the limit, and all about how dangerous that is & how people doing 5kms over the limit will killl millions of children. :roll:

    The advert uses actual footage from real accidents in SA.

    I'd like people in other states to have a look, and in particular i'd like other people's opinions on whether the first accident in which a mum & kid are run over by a car have ANYTHING to do with speeding at ALL. In my opinion, it's driver inattention, not speeding, that causes the accident.
    A video of the advert is in the link

  2. What a stupid f*cking gimmick.
  3. usual propaganda so they in future can justify their big brother point to point speed systems to financially beat us into submission.
  4. Sounds similar to the Victorian Wipe Off 5 campaign.
  5. TAC ran an ad campaign "wipe off five" I think it was. The scene was a driver trying to change a CD and then veering off the road and killing someone.

    They point out in the ad that the person was doing 80 in a 75 zone (exact figures I am not sure of). So, it was speeding that killed, not the person trying to change a CD and taking eyes off the road and jerking the steering wheel so the vehicle swerved.

    Remember, folks, it's easier to push the speeding line because it's the easiest to police and the easiest to brainwash people with. So much so that despite all the speed cameras, propaganda and crocodile tears hand wringing from police and politicians that road toll figures still remain around the same average as they've been for a number of years now.

    And things won't change, either.
  6. What about the one where the guy was going 65kph and a woman just steps onto the road or the kid on the bike pushes off without looking? What happened with look left, look right, look left again safety ads? Even if the guy was going at 55kph and someone steps out 3 metres in front, did wiping off 5 really help?
  7. And who can forget the timeless NSW RTA classic, "Speed Kills", in which two blokes in a ute are driving along a country road at the speed limit, with the driver spending more time laughing at his mate than looking at the road - cue closeup shot of the speedo which shoots from 100kph up to 120kph with what can only be described as 4th gear wide-open-throttle acceleration, followed by a easily-tackled-at-130kph corner appearing out of nowhere and the ute spearing off into a tree.

    "Speed kills" indeed. :roll:

    Nothing to do with driver inattention, most certainly not.
  8. Next they will lower the tolerances on the cameras, to catch the "creepers"
  9. Yep.
  10. one of the ads that stuck in my mind, was when an old man gets pulled over for a possible +5km above the limit, and he says, what about that car, as it goes zooming off

    cue the next scene and you see a tragic car accident

    if you look closely it was the same car that was zooming off....., but the cops were too busy bookings the slight offense
  11. What's their point exactly? :-s Zombies are stealing cars now?! :shock:
  12. these ads suck. the message isnt clear at all.

    back in my day we had ads that shocked & got the point across...
  13. Kind of like the pinky finger ad, the message at the end is 'speeding kills', but theres actually NO reference to speeding in the whole ad.

    Creeping is bad boys and girls, its actually much safer to do 50 over everywhere, otherwise you're a creep.

    IMO people who do a consistant amount over the speed limit are generally the safer drivers.

    Why? Because they know what the speed limit is, they choose to do a safe amount over because they are a confident enough driver to doso, executing their own judgement rather than accepting what the signs say. Further they aren't the numpties who sit on the speed limit everywhere. Creepers don't have to slow down to 10kmh everytime theres a slight curve in the road. They typically know the road they're 'creeping' on fairly well hence why they are doing this planned xyz kmh over the speed limit as they know what they can get away with. These people are not the eratic drivers smashing the throttle everywhere, they have a consistant, smooth pace, and not sitting on the (tearfully boring) speed limit they are able to actually concentrate on the task at hand because their brain hasn't idled out and gone to screensaver mod.

    I typically do 10-20kmh over the speed limit most of the time. Not really because I want to get there faster, but because otherwise I drift off and do the whole 'I don't remember the last few kms' thing which is too easy to do when you sit on the speed limit. And for the reasons above.

  14. OMG :shock: 14 people !!!! with this many deaths im suprised they even allow cars on the road, it has to be a mis-print , isnt it?? :deal:

    as for the "estimated" part what they are saying is that they have NFI what caused the crash but they suspect speeding
  15. The amount of stupid women I see applying make up while driving to work is alarming. I see one every day now (work is a 10km drive for me). If that's not dangerous I don't know what is.

    Nothing worse than cruising along in a line of traffic down a slight hill when suddenly the 'safe driver' in front realises that they've crept up 10 kph so they quickly jump on the brakes to bring it 10 under the limit to make sure that they're being safe..
  16. While I'm not arguing that such driving practices are safe or unsafe, the quick and ready answer that the police (and insurance companies) will trot out is that you need to maintain a safe distance behind said vehicles, and hope to christ that the guy behind you is doing the same.
  17. I do keep a safe gap, but when they stand on the brakes they eat the gap up which forces you to do the same if you wish to maintain the gap. But where the prob starts is that if you've got a car behind you, you're not going to jump on the brakes for your own safety so you often end up too close to the car in front and have a car too close behind you for a few seconds while you let the gap open back up.

    It's a problem with irractic driving in general, one irractic action sends a shockwave through the traffic behind them and if the people behind are just as knee-jerk with their decisions that's how accidents happen.
  18. I wish they would run a few fuggin "Sitting in the right hand lane like an assclown whilst doing 10 under the speed limit kills" advertisments.

    You know, have an old guy in a corona doing 70 in an 80 zone in the right hand lane get hit by a meteorite or falling gum tree cos he shouldnt have been there or if he had gone faster it would have missed him kinda deal.
  19. :LOL: I would pay to see that ad!

    I was on the Eastern Fwy the other day, travelling bang on the limit, with some clown in the right hand lane in a Volkswagen GTI of all cars, doing about 90kph. Instead of pulling over into the left lane, the driver pulls to the edge of the right lane as if to allow me enough room to pass on the left. Absolutely abysmal knowledge of road rules and road safety.