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SA Members! I need help!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tenoq, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hello all SA Netriders! I'm looking for a huge favour - slab of beer kind of favour. :wink:

    I'm interested in purchasing a particular motorcycle for sale in SA, near the suburb of Marion. I would be greatly indebted to anyone who is mechanically-minded with bikes and would be willing to give the bike a once over for me, and possibly a test-ride. This would be a lot simpler than flying over myself for an inspection, only to find it's 'not quite right'. If you're particularly familiar with Aprilias, that would be even better!

    So, anyone thirsty? :LOL: :LOL:
  2. I'd offer but there's a number of things holding me back .. I wouldn't drink a slab of beer, I'm not mechanically minded, I'm on restrictions and I'm flying out to Sydney tomorrow morning *laugh*

    Good luck :D
  3. I know a guy that works on 3 Aprilia race bikes and is a fulltime motorcycle mechanic.

    PM me your Mob.
  4. What's a "slab?"


    But seriously... I'm no help. I don't live in that area.
  5. A; Boring flat piece of freeway, also known as a "superslab"
    B; Universal male currency consisiting of refreshing brown liquid stored in convenient 375ml bottles and packed in cardboard cartons known as "slabs", usually stored in a refirgerator and consumed in reasonable quantities with other males.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. "B" is never identified as a "slab" in SA. We'd usually refer it to a "carton" or a "box."

    That was the joke... :p
  7. At least he's not offering a Dapto Briefcase :grin:
  8. Pfft - of course it's a slab. 'Sif it's a box! :)
  9. I refer to them as slabs... Or cases... More often than not a case tho... but Slab still gets used... :)
  10. My family is all kinda country, and its always been a slab, and at least, a carton. Dunno quite what the rest of you are on about with your boxes.
  11. "Slab

    A carton of beer. Or box of 24 stubbies or cans "

    from the Aussiepubs Dictionary
  12. Slab/Carton/Box all the same thing :D

    Id offer to help, as im near marion all the time, but no actual license as yet hehe :D
  13. While you "girls" have been sitting around at your "knitting circle", debating
    what constitutes ....... a slab ............
    Some of us have actually got off our arses and helped Tenoq.
    He now has a bit of the bikes history and a recommendation from a motorcycle mechanic.

  14. I forgot today was Take NR Serious day.
  15. Is SA it is known as a carton.

    And sorry but I dont know anything about Aprilia 2 strokes, I could offer to talk the price down though :cool:
  16. I've always know it as a slab and so does everyone else I know in Adelaide.
  17. And thanks very much for your help! Should be picking up the beast on Friday, with any luck.

    And it ain't a two stroke, BacoThomo. ;)
  18. It's not a 2 stroke :shock:

    In that case you'll love the beast :cool:
  19. a slab or a carton to me...

    as for aprillia... no idea..

    good to see mark helped ya out! wat time ya getting in friday?

    up for a meet n greet and a ride?