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[SA] (Mar 7-9 , 2015) Netrider Jindabyne Feeder

Discussion in 'Other States' started by GoldNine, Sep 11, 2014.

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    For Adelaide / SA member's

    Hi people . If you've dreamt of riding the awesome roads and seeing the spectacular scenery of the VIC/NSW high country then this is a proposed feeder ride for the multi state meetup at Jindabyne for the March long weekend next year (2015) .

    Here's the link to the event thread if you haven't seen it yet :

    Now obviously as we are a fair bit further away we will need to add on a day (or possibly even 2 days) either side of the actual long weekend date's to allow for the additional traveling distance.

    EDIT : I'm thinking 2 days either side of the weekend preferably.

    Unfortunately , as much as I'd like to have this open to everyone ; due to the distance involved ; I feel that it will need to be limited to people who are comfortable at the following ride level ratings as a minimum requirement :

    Touring Level 1+
    Group Ride Level 3+

    Here's the link to the Netrider ride level ratings :

    I do apologise for it being restricted but participants need to be comfortable with 500 to 600km day's for multiple days .

    Accommodation will be either pub rooms or on-site caravan park cabins to keep the cost down.

    Route is open for discussion within reason ; we can either go reasonably direct or we could head to Melbourne and hook up with the Victorian crew for the Saturday departure and ride to Jindabyne with them .

    Who's interested ?
  2. Considering
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  3. Awesome
  4. Sadly I've got an old farts 4 wheel tour the week before which chews up my "boys" free days.
  5. ^^ Work hard on the brownie points between now and then ?
  6. Yeah, it's not out of the question. If I did go I'd probably trailer the bike to the meet point over there, while the mind is willing the body would struggle.
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  7. Being on a back breaker of a bike I'd consider doing the same. Plus could be support vehicle/trailer for anyone if required
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  8. True, as I said I'm not much of a chance but if I go I could borrow a 2 bike trailer no problem. I'd be towing with a dual cab ute so plenty of room for stuff.
  9. Would be great if you can make it Mcsenna !
  10. It's an official Netrider event, as a mod you are required to go, tax deductible from your amazingly generous $0 stipend, social duty and all that. ;)

    I hadn't thought of the drive/ride combo Guys, the last event a few did that because of injury or distance. Maybe a good option. Good to see there is some SA interest, now I just have to work on the Queenslanders. :)
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  11. Hehe, dont forget the Sandgropers, @middo@middo loves riding across the Nullarbor.
  12. All welcome, if @middo@middo or any of the other Westerners are up for it they are a shoe in for the greatest distance prize. :)
  13. Our holiday is the weekend before, and it doesn't fall during school holidays, so I will have to say no. :( But I am planning a 2000 km Kalgoorlie trip soon with the missus and the youngest one that got cancelled a few months ago. Will let you all know with pics etc.

    Thanks for thinking of me. Maybe the year after when I have long service leave, but I am thinking of an adventure tour of East Timor then. The missus wants to go on that one.
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  14. ***************************************************************************************************************************
    Time to Pay Up if you are In.

    I have had a call from the Hotel, they have another group wanting to book in so I need to firm up the numbers within the week. So I am asking for payments now. I will PM my account details to those that have booked on the Bed Booking page. For anybody who doesn't receive the PM and wants in, update the Booking page and PM me for payment details.
  15. Sorry Chris , but it looks like I'm going to have to pull out unfortunately. Badly want to go but I just can't see it being feasible.
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  16. Sorry to hear, I understand the logistics are against you guys. I want to try and make it annual so perhaps next year. I may shift it East to Albury which is still close to some good riding area and more accessible for you guys. It would be 12th/13th/14th March. 14th is Adelaide Cup day and Victoria Labour Day.

    Hope you are in for 2016 :)
  17. Thanks Chris . Yeah I'm gutted really. I was really looking forward to getting away on the bike and catching up with everyone.
    Unfortunately the $$ aren't adding up , as I mentioned when you originally approached me about it , this is always a bad time of year for me financially.
    Hopefully next year !