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[SA] Mallala Track Day, Sat Jul 15th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Alex

    Motorcycle practice day @ Mallala Motorsport Park

    Saturday July 15th

    Gates open ~9am, bikes on track from 10am

    Fast, medium and slow categories - beginners welcome.

    $115 including recreational licence.

    ... more

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  2. Excellent, Count me in, i need some track time to practice.
  3. LOL I think I would be in the mega-slow catagory :p
  4. EA I will take those measurements you need shortly, I've been busy all this weekend and havent got around to it.

    I will be at the track day, with at least 4 or 5 other riders who are participating.

    It's great fun, and teaches you alot about your skills and your machine :)

    See you all there :wink:
  5. Ok, if you get the chance that would be great.
    Cheers see you then.
  6. eacruiser,wots the skiff regarding clothing,full leathers or dragging jeans,jacket etc cool?
  7. Full leathers, gloves, helmet and gloves required.

    Back protector reccomended.

    I've seen people out there in draggins/dririder jacket before, but they're usually noobs on 250's and they're not allowed over 100km/h
  8. Pardon my dumb newbee question but is the track day on the 15th pre organised, pre register or just turn up pay your cash and ride kind of thing?
  9. Stupid question no 2... :LOL:

    When they say slow, is it slow as in those lacking a bit of technique/bravery in the corner sections or for those with the slightly smaller bikes :oops: ? My NSR150 feels quick in the twisties going up the hills, but I'm always brought back down to earth very quickly when a couple of grey nomads zip past on their tourer... :roll: I've never done a track day, but why not. Just don't want to go and end up being a traffic hazard/obstacle...

    Can you hire any 600's or 1000cc bikes at Mallala? I've still got another 6 months on my P's but assume that as it's on a private track, I'd be able to "try" a larger bike out if you can hire one?

    Oh - and Australian Superbikes are at Mallala on the 20th April. $40 entry on the gate - any other netriders heading out that way?

    Back to the MotoGP and another late night.... :twisted:

  10. All of the above, you`ll find riders with 1000cc bikes in the slow category aswell, tho they can put the faster riders up a category if they see fit to, but i never saw that happen, well not that i took notice.
    Dont worry about been a traffic hazards, they`ll only lap you once anyway, well maybe the faster one twice, but not all, and i believe they cant overtake you in a corner (miss the intro before we started, but im pretty sure about that) Ill be on my Aprilla 125 again, last time i was the slowest in the slow category, but hey, i did have the slowest bike there :)
    Nope, cant be done.

    Remember, Tape up all lights,(headlight, tail light, indicators) and remove mirrors and maybe number plate but not necessary, but do anyway, and must have full leathers.
  11. Hi guys, i'm interested in giving this a go, never been to the track yet, just a couple of q's for the experienced...

    Will they let you on the track without taping up lights, removing mirrors and number plate?? Reason I ask is I would ride there and back, can't do that without mirrors, number plate etc?

  12. That's not exactly true..

    Just take tape and a couple of spanners in your backback....others do it :)

  13. Just thought I'd point out that this thread was started in 2006, before anyone gets too excited about planning to turn up at a ride day in 2008, and arrives two years late. No doubt there are similar events in 2008 - better check when though.

    Mods - maybe you could add "2006" to the thread title, so it doesn't attract too much more interest as it works its way back down among the OOOOOLD threads.

  14. cheers tin star.. i was about to announce that aswell.

    i attended the Superbikes at mallala. actually.. i worked turn 7 on saturday and turn 4 on sunday as a race marshal.

    watching the pro's run thru turn 4 at full tilt was amazing!
  15. Track Day - Mallalla

    Do they have fuel there or is it a case of heading into "town" to get it when you need it?
  16. Re: Track Day - Mallalla

    They usually open up the pumps for an hour or so around lunch time.

    Take note that this thread is from 2006 and the next dates are June 7th and June 14th.

  17. Re: Track Day - Mallalla

    Thanks. I checked the Mallalla site but it wasnt really all that clear as to what was actually going on as far as the day.
    Still if the weathers good a ride out there for a look at least is in order....
  18. here are some more dates if your keen!

    Sat 16th August 10am
    Sat 20th September 10am
    Sat 11th October 10am
  19. malalla track day.

    I hope to be able to get to the track day on the 15th at malalla. I have an 04 yamaha R6 with a few mods and this will be my first track day, does anyone have any tips for the day and what i should expect.? i believe you just rock up and pay, no pre booking required, is this correct? also what happens in the case of wet weather? Ive read all the info on taping lights and removing mirrors etc. yeah so i cant wait, and any extra info would be great.