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[SA] Mallala Ride day 7th Jan

Discussion in 'Other States' started by 7THSIN, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?action=details&id=539

    Who's going? Apart from me :?

    P.S. Prices have changed for 2006
    Rider holding National Road Racing Licence $100

    Rider using Recreational Licence $115 (includes licence)


  2. Sure thing mate, you could get 6 bikes comfortably in those sheds. I've invited a few of my riding mates, but they find it hard to see the point of paying money to ride on a track when they can go to the hills :roll: Pff, more room for us on track aye :wink:
  3. Hey I just checked out your CBR for sale thread, recognised it instantly.

    I work arvoshift at Holden, Ride the silver ZXR250 thats parked in the shed as you rock up for work :D Small world aye?
  4. i will probably be out there for the first time in many moons.
  5. She aint jumping out of that trailer in a hurry :)
  6. Not this time anyway! I got a few more ratchet straps :wink:

    They call it 'trial and error' :LOL:
  7. Well it was a great day, only a few minor mishaps on track, but no-one was injured.
    Good turn out, and just enough bikes in each category, and the categories were well matched in terms of lap times, so there wasn't really a problem with traffic or slower riders.

    I clocked a 1:29.9 in the first session, but the other laps were all over the place, and by the last session I was stringing together 1:31 & 1:30's with reasonable consistency.

    Had to remove the hero blobs from the pegs because they wore down too much and were lifting the rear wheel at full lean, unsettling the bike.
    Then the pegs wore down and I had a near highside coming out of turn 3 when the rear went on a big slide as the right peg caught the ground.
    Even so I managed to scrape the fairings, gear lever and exhaust after that :roll: , and I had to adjust my riding position (more hang off) to keep the bike upright.

    I had a great time however, and spent most of the morning sessions re-learning the track and my RP's, which has definately helped in confidence and lowering lap times (thanks Keith Code :wink: )

    Cant wait to get out there again, but maybe with some new pegs :?

    EDIT: big thankyou to adamsonline for his advice and help today. Got a couple pics I'll edit with in a sec
  8. :shock: Now THAT'S a ride report.........
  9. Sounds like you guys had a great day. Will need to factor in new replacement pegs now for your ride day budgets :)