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[SA] Mallala race meeting 16/17 December

Discussion in 'Other States' started by resurrection, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Anyone going to this?

    I'm going on Sunday and I need someone to take a photo of me getting mobbed by the Red Bull Girls :LOL:

  2. f hell. I just posted a ride announcement 20 minutes ago. always happens.

    Hmmm.. I suppose I could do both (Barossa then then Mallala). Interesting
    thought ;)

  3. No hope of Barossa on Saturday?

  4. Well I will be out at the Track on Sunday to watch the racing.
  5. I'll be leaving in the morning, travelling along South Road if
    anyone wants to meet up along the way.
  6. i went to saturdays knee scappers day. it was my first time on track and i had a great time. i didnt learn anything new that day but i met good people and had fun.
  7. I couldn't believe it when the announcer said one of the 600's had 138 HP on the
    back wheel. Incrediable. My 2001 gixxer had 131.
  8. Yeah that was Ian Andrews bike (My Mechanic :) - its good to know he knows what he's doing). He won the Austrlian Superstock Championship this year, and is looking to do supersport next season.
  9. So is Ian giving you any tips about the track?