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[SA] MAC ads featuring Doohan rated the best

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. I didn't think this should be in politics or multimedia, but the motorcycle press sphere is bubbling about the South Australian Ads featuring Mick Doohan, funded by MAC, as the best motorcycle safety ads ever.

    Here's one example:

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  2. Wow, clever ad!
  3. I think it's a good ad but I don't like it as there is far too much blame on the rider. Marketing wise it's no good.
  4. I haven't heard another rider bag the Mick Doohan adverts before. You are on your own mate.
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  5. It makes motorcyclists look reckless.
  6. I think you are missing the point Sir-Rant-a lot
  7. When the ad shows a car shoot across the track in front of the motorcycle then maybe I'll give it some credit. The message is no different to the TAC ad's message "It's up to you to reduce the risk".
  8. Yup you missed the point
  9. I watched it again yet I still see the same thing.
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    mmm yes sorry I don't think much of the ad also . It sends the same old message . If you go fast you crash and die . If you ride a bike at speed you will crash . Just slow down and all your problems are solved . It's also promoted on cars Guide . You can imagine the attitude from drivers .

    Who rated it the best ever ? Granted they didn't have much to choose from
  11. Watch it backwards whilst sitting upside down
  12. Hahaha I wasn't bagging the race track advert and I have a thing about the complete focus on rider onus. So ok, maybe SRA isn't so alone. lol

    Overall I don't mind the racetrack advert - keep the race track speeds to the race track because if there's a fall, it will most likely involve roadside furniture. Notwithstanding that the same falls at road speeds will still involve roadside furniture... it's a fair PSA without being all "I told you so".
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  13. For the record - this MAC ad was produced about 4 years ago. Its not new, and I'm surprised that the motorcycle media have waited this long to get excited about it.

    I thought it was amazing when I saw it after it first came out, and expressed my thoughts to the TAC about it during a telephone conversation with their head of marketing. His response? "Oh our ads are much better - I think that we are getting much better results from ours".

    I think the race track ad sends the right teaching message to us all. Race tracks are built for riders to come off their bikes - roadsides are not. Mick is the right person to pick as the communicator - he's someone who commands our respect. Not like TAC - who use Surgeons and Doctors and Nurses - all with zero riding experience.
  14. I remember seeing the race track ad when I did my P's. The instructor kinda used it to show us that yeah, we all want to race but on the track, you have nothing to hit when you come off, on the road, if you race, and come off, there is a lot more danger.

    I think the perspective he put forth was worth while.

    Yes, it doesn't say anywhere that cagers are the reason half the time we crash but I don't think that that is what the producers were after.

    It has its own message, Obviously not the message SirRideAlot was after.
  15. The overwhelming majority of motorcyclists do not ride like racers. If the ad had any truth in it there would be motorcyclists dying everywhere yet they're not.
  16. Yes but the ad clearly isn't aimed at the overwhelming majority of riders not even the ones doing a fair bit over the limit. It is aimed at those taking corners at 95-100% on public roads. Good ad and good point made.
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  17. The public does not see it like that. They will perceive all motorcyclists as reckless racers.
  18. Well, while that may not be so, but many riders don't understand how to negotiate certain sections of road. Some, not all, riders don't understand how to set themselves up for corners, or maybe don't understand when and where to set/apply their brakes. Some don't understand that braking at the wrong time will throw your bikes traction out of balance - which will result in a loss of control - and resultant accident.

    The ad is quite simply saying - take it easy, don't push the limits. Understand what your bike can and can't do - and most importantly treat the road with respect and be prepared for the worst. Its another way of saying - "Make fear your best friend, because that fear (of making a dumb mistake) will keep you out of trouble".

    The ad spoke loud and clear to me. It made me reflect on how I ride - and I have an enormous amount of experience - yet it still rang true with me and made me stop and reflect on my own riding style....
  19. message is pretty simple.. don't race on the road.

    And it delivers it well.

    This ad doesn't have any other agenda, I like it.
  20. Being from SA I have seen this ad many times, they have also more recently run awareness ads aimed at car drivers. My opinion is that they are good ads with the right aims in mind. Far different from what I see of the TAC ads. SRA you are just weird man.
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