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[SA] Long Weekend Ride, Sun Jun 10th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: emsie

    Pancake breakfast (Pancake Kitchen, City) at 9am.

    Leave Pancake Kitchen at 10am

    Second meeting point at Pelican Plaza at 11am.

    Ride Route:
    here or similar - maybe amended to be slightly sho...

    ... more

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  2. Count me in dudes an dudettes :grin:
  3. You can see that MASSIVE long straight road (e.g. boring) between Walkers Flat and Sanderston? :cry: I dont like straight roads.

    P.S. I would certianly be sticking to the s/limit now that the route is public knowledge. :LOL:
  4. what isnt public knowledge is where the frk ur ment to post anything!

    will see how i go. hope to see u all there.
  5. We can always go down through Punthari - cuts a chunk of the ride out too, depending on how we're doing for time. We could probably take that road and meet KevS after he's fanged it around the long way ;)
  6. I'll be at TTP at 11am with sketchie awaiting your arrival.
  7. I'll have work the night before. From about 1am till whenever it finishes... usually around 6 or 7am.

    If I sleep in... I'll make a dash to TTP... if not, I'll be at the pancake kitchen.

    But I'm aiming for the pancake kitchen first.

    Ride safe people.
  8. Ouch! I'm prob in the same boat there, will aim for pancakes but Sat nite is free again now so i'v no excuse to not hit town :grin: See hw i feel in the morning.. But i'll def be at one of the three meet times originally put up. Not sure if they're still the go :? 9: pancakes, 10: leave pancake kitchen, 11: Pelican Plaza...?

    Been ridin all day today on and off, bout to head out again now to Marion! Yew :grin:
  9. Just to clarify for those of us... who umm... don't know where Pelican Plaza are... Where is it? Not that I don't know... course I know... just for those who, you know... might be a little lost? :oops:
  10. If you can find the locked thread, there's a picture of sorts in there.. I'm not particularly familiar with the area but I get the impression it's kinda opposite TTP on NE Road?
  11. It is on the corner of North East & Golden Grove Road's Modbury North (I believe that is the suburb). That is where the Hungry Jacks is, you can't miss it. :)
  12. Ahh yep, I found the thread... and thanks for the details Sketchie.

    I know it as Ridgehaven HJ's, lol oh well now I know its proper name.
  13. Then you know it correctly Siro, Pelican Plaza is in Ridgehaven :wink:
    The other side of Golden Grove Road is Modbury North.
    I have to be down south by 10 so have kiddies, Im going for a hoon on the Busa :cool:
  14. Sorry Milky my mistake. So that mean you are coming or not Thomo?
  15. Enough of the milky there young fella.

    No Im not going, I have to be down south by 10.
    That means north by 10 is pretty well near impossible, even on the Busa
  16. so whos actually in for it
    dont wanna sound like a woos but it might be to much for me at this early stage of my iding life or maybe us newbies could do similliar route but at slower pace any takers
  17. Come along. There will be a couple people that have only been riding a couple of months (weeks even). Come along, there will always be someone at the back that will not leave you behind. :grin:
  18. we generally use a tail end charlie system on our rides

    a last man riding, who wont pass anyone.

    so ur safe to ride at the pace u wish :)
  19. what everyone else said :)

    those who wanna go off and fang it will go off and fang it but we'll always make sure the newbies are looked after :)
  20. north by 11 .. does that make it any better? *laugh* city by 10, ridgehaven by 11 .. you can always try to catch us up? ;)