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[sa] Licensing Newbie Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Shane N, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Howdy guys its great to be here, stumbled across this site while i was googleing for something bike related. Anyway question is can anybody from SA give me a insight to what is involved in the second test . I have my L plate at the moment and have been riding around for the past year, work has stopped me from being available to do this test but got lucky and this Friday i am booked into do the test.
    What restrictions are placed on me once i past the test. Thanks guys any help would be appreciated.

  2. Don't know the SA system in detail but I think it is similar to the Vic and NSW system.

    Try this web site:


    I believe you are restricted to a LAMS bike for 12 months.
  3. Yup its all on the website, Lams bike for 12 months, but there are plenty of those to choose from.
  4. Second test (P plate) in NSW is 8 hours on a single day. Muck around on the test course and try everything for yourself without the pressure. There is a U-turn within the lines (about 6m I think) without putting your foot down, quick stop at speed of 20-25 (start braking at the white line and preferably stop at the very first line after that; overshooting gives you demerit points, speed too low = one retry, too slow again = fail, too many points = fail); slow speed between traffic cones without putting your foot down; and same 20-25 km/h speed but instead of quick stop - weave between cones to simulate avoiding an obstacle.

    I think I got them out of order but that's the gist of it.

    After the practice there is a road ride with the instructor, then lunch break, and then the real test. Instructor WILL explain everything to you and encourage you to ask him to repeat it until you understand exactly what to do (which is simple enough), but on the test you are alone on the course, no chit-chat, while he is watching and marking your test sheet.

    Test is easy IF you have a suitable bike. I actually took my friend's advice and hired one of their (crappy) bikes. Mine is a sports bike and turning at slow speed is not its' forte. There was a guy on a cruiser, and you should have smelled his clutch to understand what I mean.
  5. Thanks guys for your help. I went and sat the test which was 4 hours long, it consited of some rider training and then a rider test at the end. I passed the test and don't have to go back :) . Out of the class of ten people 4 had failed and have to resit the the test. There was 5 components to the test. I don't have to display P plates either as I have had my car licence for more than 20 years. So know i just have to wait for 12 months and then go and get the restriction removed and I can then ride any size bike.
  6. congratulations

    when did you do the test, late last week or during the weekend just past?
  7. Congrats mate, great feeling isnt it.
  8. Are you sure? If that's what the guy in riding school told you, I would check with the RTA equivalent in SA. If he's wrong and you get stopped without the P plates, you're up for a few points...
  9. he's correct. P plates in SA only need to be displayed if you have a provisional license. if OP has had a full car license for many years then no P plates are needed.

    congrats on the pass too.
  10. No P plates in SA if you have a full car licence, and you can carry a pillion, and you can have a BAC up to 0.049. Only restriction is that you must ride a LAMS bike for 12 months before applying for a full class R.
  11. i posted it in fairly high detail - i did the test in june so it should be around there, use the search function, or search my old posts.
    or ask me a specific question id you have one
  12. reposted in new thread this forum.

    hey jp long time ..
  13. h
    hi phil, shame we havnt been able to catch up recently. i hope you are fine. (soozie got off the L plates last week. she didnt lose a single point)
    lets get together soon.
  14. yep congrats on wedding )
    work been busy but should wind up soon
    xmas is coming , that gov grant for building
    meant too many hours lately (
  15. Feels good to be cruising around without having the P plate on the back. My partner has been for a couple of rides with me as a pillion passenger and just loves it. Which is good if they like it as it makes updating the bike a whole lot easier when the time comes.
  16. It was on the Friday 9th