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SA SA Liberals announce ECE Legislation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by timk, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that this morning Shadow Road Safety Minister David Pisoni announced that the State Liberals will be introducing legislation into Parliament this week for the legalisation of ECE helmets in South Australia!

    This is an extremely positive move for motorcycling safety and a great decision by the SA State Liberals and on behalf of all SA motorcyclists we applaud and thank them for their initiative and tenacity in working with SA motorcyclists in ensuring our road safety concerns are being addressed and actioned at the parliamentary level.

    This bill now provides assurances for SA motorcyclists that we will soon have access to the same safety equipment as already in use by motorcyclists throughout the rest of Australia.

    It also ensures that SA motorcyclists will soon have access to a wider range of helmet shapes and sizes and we envisage this will go a long way in addressing the 20% of riders whom have an incorrectly fitted helmet at the time of their fatality.

    We also know that that the rate of brain injuries (particularly in low speed accidents) are lower with ECE helmets as opposed to AS1698 helmets and as a net result of this, injury severity should be reduced in some cases and this will have a positive flow on effect in regards to the state budget as less severe injuries equate to less time in hospital and recovery care meaning the overall cost to manage motorcycle injuries should reduce.

    Aside from that, this bill also signals to Australian motorcyclists that SA will soon be back open for business in regards to motorcycle tourism and as such, it will be the regional communities that will gain the most benefits from the bill as currently, if you are an interstate rider whom uses an ECE helmet, as soon as you cross the border in SA, you are breaking the law by not wearing an approved helmet and in the case of a rider being involved in a accident, failure to wear an approved helmet may have serious consequences in regards to insurance cover.

    Finally, I would also like to thank all members of Ride To Review who have emailed, tweeted, Facebooked and contacted ministers within SA and worked with us. This legislation is a direct result of the work we have undertaken and now we have the results on the table... and for the SA Labor government, they are left with the dubious honour of being the only Australian state government that due to their indifference in regards to the road safety of motorcyclists, forced the shadow government into acting when they wouldn't.

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