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SA Level2 P's test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Easyrollin, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Guys
    I'm thinking of booking up for the level 2 test in the next couple of weeks so I thought I would start brushing up for the slow riding tasks reqd there.

    Now I'm aware of the actual tests themselves; Slow-S, L&R U-turns, Cats eye weaving, Slow ride and the 11m from 30kph braking test, but am unaware of the actual dimensions of the boxes, distances between lines etc etc etc for these tasks.
    Had a bit of a look around here and elsewhere on the web but can't find a damn thing, nada.

    Does anyone know the specifics of these tests or point me to where they might be please?

    Oaklands is like a 2+ hr ride away from me so I'm not entirely enthused about going down there so thought I would just mark out the course on my front paddock with some spray marker and practice there (apart from the braking one obviously) but I need to know the sizes etc.

    Thanks a bunch in advance.
  2. Can't really help with the specifics on the sizing, try giving Rider Safe a call for all the dimensions, although it may be hard to get the angles right on the S-Bend task if you're drawing it up yourself.
  3. Sorry, can't help with test advice, but there is a test facility at Tea Tree Gully, so you can save some time riding maybe.

  4. ok, this is from memory (feel free to correct if you know for sure).... the box for the figure 8 is 15'6" wide and pretty long... all you need to worry about is the width.... the weaving task has the markers 8' apart... can't help with the S only to say I lost points on it :evil: the riding between two lines is about 1'6" wide (this is a guess) and 15m (again a guess) long.... I found the S bend task the hardest and that is where I lost my points.... hope this helps..... and good luck! :grin:
  5. well i can tell you one thing, the lines for the S part and the cats eye are wider by a few cms since from last year some time. how do i know??? coz after when i did my test last yr, they sprayed new lines in. they went over the old lines with some black stuff and the new lines were a few cms wider. At first i thought i was tripping but my mates all came to look and all said the same. I guess you could consider yourself lucky. go to the one in oaklands and practice as much as you want. it sure does help when it comes to the test.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone.
    And thanks for those measurements Wildside, very helpful, cheers for that. Will get onto that this weekend.

    Oaklands is freaken miles away for me unfortunately but St Agnes is a bit closer, only thing is the additional range there is only open on the weekends when there is a course being held.
    Closed this weekend but I have it on excellent authority that it will be open next Sat morning 20th 8-12am and all day Sunday 21st so I might make a trip down there and check it out.
  7. went today and took some pics and measurements of the setup at Berri, was going for a ride that way anyway so it was a break at the same time....

    figure 8, length wise starts at the yellow line and goes right to the end of the court not that white line in the middle

    s bend

    all measurement to the outside of the lines, unsure now if you can touch the lines but not go over them during the test or you can't touch them at all

  8. weaving

    between the lines, I think you have to take at least 15 second to get to the end...
    17m is a bit of a guess, just stepped it out......

  9. You are a legend. :grin:
    I'll buy you a beer if we ever catch up.
    Thanks heaps mate :cool:
  10. I'll be holdin' ya to that :grin:
  11. well i'll be heading up to the st agnes one, hopefully this wk end its open
  12. Wildside,

    Are you sure thats right about the figure 8 being 15'7"? I couldn't turn my bike around in that space, even checked the manual which quotes a 3.3Meter turning radius, which means I'd need (at least) 26' to chuck a U turn.

    I spose it would be possible on a scoot.

  13. yep correct :grin: (at least at the Berri site) I can't, well couldn't at the time, do it on the GS :? closest I got is about half a foot over.... your maths might be cactus 3.3 meters is nowhere near 26' more like 11'?

    [edit] here is a pic of the measurement... I could never remember them all so took a pic of them :p


  14. Wildside, you certainly seem to have made precision measurements!

    Turning radius of my bike is 3.3 M = 10'10" so turning circle is twice that which is 21'8". Plus a few extra wobbles from me ! :?

    Not 26' like I said before - brain in neutral- sorry.

    But the fact remains its just not possible to chuck a U-turn in 15'7". And I can well imagine that it seems impossible on your bike too. Makes me wonder what the testing people are thinking - possibly not very much. It's hardly a real world test if you can't do it on a real bike.