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[SA] 'Learnerish' group ride Saturday 12/5

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Muppeteer, May 10, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,

    This is just a thread with the details of the small ride on this coming Saturday for Adelaidians, so that we don't fill up the coffee night thread with useless details!

    Depending on numbers and conditions, the plan at the moment is to meet at Windy Point carpark at 11am. From there the ride will go up through the hills to Clarendon, on to Meadows (where we will probably stop for lunch) then on to Strathalbyn (depending on how everyone is feeling).

    This ride is best suited to those that are either learners or not greatly experienced, as it will not be a 'fast' ride through the hills, but rather a ride for us to hone our skills, and to enjoy the fun of group rides.



  2. Might be good to meet up and maybe go for a cruse, see how i feel.

    I hope red.hot's gets the bike back by then too.
  3. oooh I reckon if I get a bunch of stuff done between now and the weekend, I could be pretty keen :D
  4. could be interested.... wots the overall length of the cruise?
  5. Probably around the 150km mark if we end up going all the way through to Strathalbyn and back. But if people decide they've had enough, we don't have to go all the way through to Strath. It really depends on people's moods and endurance levels on the day, but 150km over 4-5 hours with breaks along the way and lunch in Meadows or something won't really feel that long.


  6. Count me in dude
  7. I hope you're bringing your camera set-up, it will be good to get some footage of the day!
  8. Will do. Might as well see how it turns out..
  9. Where is the windy point carpark?
  10. - Go to 'Event/Ride Calendar' on the left
    - Scoll down and find the link in common meet spots 'Lynton, Windy Point' on the right
    - It'll show you a map highlighting it

    If you need more info let us kno.. :)
  11. hey,
    ill be in if i can.

    Not on my L's just got off 2months ago but would love a group ride if i can, never done one before??
    hope thats ok, have to be back at oakbank by 5.30 so hopefully it wont go that late.

    let me know, thanks
  12. you guys still on Ls and Ps?
    damn just realised not sure if i can make this.. might be working that morning... will see how things go!
  13. im free on saturday.. might be interested too...
  14. if it was any other day lol...
  15. Hey hey! You're back! Or is it a secret and I shouldn't tell anyone?

    If we get away by about 11:30am, I reckon we will be back by 4-4:30pm, any later and the bugs start coming out, and we all get very messy helmets!

    The link is available here:
  16. I'll prolly be bringing a mate (with his wife as pillion) .. they assure me they don't mind riding with newbies :)
  17. The more the merrier I figure. I don't think it will be a big group anyways, it won't be too newbie, probably similar pace to how we went when the 4 of us went out the other week...but we'll have a TEC incase anyone wants to putter along a bit slower. I figure there's no big rush anyways, it'll just be a nice easy ride day!

    The weather looks good too!
    Forecast for Saturday
    Mainly fine. A warm and partly cloudy day, with a chance of an afternoon
    thunderstorm on the ranges. Mostly light northeast to north winds.

    Precis Mainly fine. Partly cloudy.
    City: Min 10 Max 24
  18. working on the car on sunday.. so a ride on saturday sounds great!

    and since the good woman is working means im free to play biker boy for the day

    so wil look fwd to it :D
  19. Whatever newbie... HAHA sorry guys wont be able to do this one have plans already. :(

  20. pls mister Sketchie,

    be nice to the n00b!

    catch ya round the place sketchmonger