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[SA] Learner restrictions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by red.hot, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    I may have missed this detail because I did my learners at HART and not in Adelaide, but are L platers really restricted to 80kph? It seems to be a common myth that everyone is aware of, but Ems and her friends pointed out to me last weekend that on the learner permit, it does not actually say that we must keep to 80 and below exclusively.

    To quote my little green slip:
    "not to drive a motor vehicle at a speed exceeding by 10 kilometres an hour or more of any speed limit under the Road Traffic Act, or to exceed the 80 kilometres an hour speed limit or 100 kilometres an hour speed limit prescribed under the Motore Vehicels Act."

    Now the fact that it has the OR 100 km bit suggests to me that in a 100 zone we can go up to but not exceed 100. Not exceeding the signed speed just seems common sense to me though. But then maybe my common sense is not so common....

    Comments people?
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  3. no comments required - it is outlined in the act that the holder of a learner permit must not exceed 80km/hr in SA. The holder of a probationary license must not exceed 100km/hr regardless of the vehicle.

    I didn't like it either - other states/territories are different. Go to Canberra or NT and you can do 100km/hr on an L plate. IMHO Just be careful not to do it in front of a cop unless you are good at talking yourself out of a corner.

  4. no need to talk yaself outta a corner.. just lean in more... LEAN IN!!!!
  5. It actually seems quite tough now...I wouldn't go over 80km/hr even if you are desperate

    Regarding 80km/hr:

    Regarding the penalties of breaking your permit restrictions

    ie - see what it says about starting from scratch....they specifically mention motorcyclists there - so don't do it!
  6. the text is on the back of the permit, so quote what you want, it says don't exceed the speed limit by more than 10 km/h and where it's 80k's do 80, where it's 100, do 100.

    It says basically that you're allowed to hold the permit as long as you abide by those rules.

    So what do you make of that then eh? :) The guy who pointed this out to me (and his wife) both abided by the rules on the back of their permits and they're happily still riding.
  7. I rescind all comments :)

    From the Motor Vehicles Act 1959:


    So, if you're in a car basically you have hope of doing 100km/h. On a bike, it's 80k's an hour full stop. The catch is that you have to know the Motor Vehicles Act to know what part of that section on the permit applies to bikes. Its a bit dumb to have such different rules applying to the different permits that that form is used for without any clarification on the paper itself (you'd have to go and look it up like I just did!).

  8. I'm pretty sure it was one of your multiple answer questions when you obtained a license...
  9. Didn't do a theory test for my bike L's (already had a full car licence) .. also don't remember the theory test for that licence either ;)
  10. I just got my 'L's - with 20 years of car driving behind me - I can't figure out why the 80 kph limit applies; surely this is not a good thing on a free-flowing freeway? You would be holding up traffic?
  11. Hi red.hot,

    Unfortunately the 80km/h maximum speed for 'L' platers is correct in SA. This is taken directly from the Driver's Handbook, page 94/95. http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/pdfs/registration/handbook04_2007/04_licensing_permits.pdf

    "Learner's Permit Conditions:

    You must not exceed the 80km/h speed limit at any time (100 km/h) if accompanied by a Motor Driving Instructor, in a clearly marked driving school vehicle which is fitted with a passenger operated service brake)".

    Old EmmGee, I tend to agree with you in regards to the 80km/h limit being a bit pointless if you already have a full car licence, however, if the motorcycle is someone's 'first' vehicle (ie 16 year old learner driver) I can see the sense in restricting their maximum speed.

    ...I guess in that respect it's also a better idea to keep off of the freeways, besides, the twisty way is always a lot more fun on a motorbike! :wink:
  12. You're probably right - I don't fancy riding in any traffic at all until I figure out what all the pedally and sticky things are for, anyway :shock:
  13. Whilst I agree with you both...and even broke the cardinal rule :oops: ...with the new penalties, I wouldn't do it.

    The theory goes that you are "learning" to control a motorcycle and hence are limited to the "safer" speed of 80km/hr. It is not a reflection of your understanding and ability to read/ interpret and predict conditions on the road.
  14. Ok, thanks for the advice guys.
    I did my bike Ls test in Vic where learners can go up to 100kph, so it wasn't on the multi choice test.

    Good to have these things confirmed though.