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(SA) Learner Paced Ride Sunday 11/3/2007

Discussion in 'Other States' started by KevS, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Expressions of interest in a Learner Focused Rides.
    After the success of last Sundays Learner focused ride RedDragon has kindly volunteered to lead a Learner focused ride next Sunday if anyone is interested, we were thinking of gathering at 10.30a.m. for an 11.00a.m. start, we would then ride at a nice smooth controlled pace for Approximately one hour, then stop somewhere for Lunch and a chat and then ride back, the idea is that RedDragon would control the pace and follow a nice smooth line through the corners for everyone to follow and that I would go Tail end Charlie and keep the cars at bay. The idea is to provide a controlled ride that is safe and not intimidating for Learners and less experienced riders.
    At this stage and we have not worked out a route or meeting place but obviously we would try to meet somewhere central and ride on roads that are relatively easy to handle, so if anyone is interested please just post your interest here and we will see how it goes, if it is popular and successful we may look at doing these rides on a fortnightly basis.

  2. I'll be in that :)
  3. Depending how I feel after work (I work early hours of the morning saturday and sunday) I'll most probably come along, see what its like.

    Its a great idea thats for sure.
  4. This sounds awesome :)

    Depending on work and home commitments, I'm keen on any of these. My brother's also been riding for several years but isn't necessarily someone who is confident doing that kinda ride so I might even see if he'd be keen for some of them (part time parent and next week, and subsequent fortnights, are his "on" weekends so he wouln't be able to attend too many with me).

    Will get back to you on my availability for this ride, but available or not, I'm dead keen *laugh*
  5. Well Renee is keen she cant wait and her younger sister who has only been riding for a couple of months is gonna come and have a go as well, she is very new to riding and does'nt have much confidence on the bike and I have told her this is the best way to get some experience.
  6. emsie, look forward to meeting ya at some stage, finally! :)

    Yeah its a great idea KevS, also gives the inexperienced riders (that being my good self included) a chance to swap stories with people around the same skill level. :)
  7. sorry i won't be able to come, will be away for the long weekend.
  8. im not much more experienced than most.. only had my Ls from September thru till January,

    but i urge all " lesser experienced" riders to do this!!

    i know for a fact that it was the group rides that gave me the confidence and experience to ride as comfortably as i do, ( well i think i do :p )

    id also like to attend and participate, as tail end if needed or even corner man etc

    anything needed.

    hope to see yas all out there!

  9. and its largely due to following red dragon in the faster paced rides that i have gained so much confidence.

    both AF2AF3 and Red Dragon have been a large part of my group riding experiences and skills gained!

    i think its a great idea.

    my commendations go to both Kevs and Red Dragon,
  10. Very very very keen for this!! Went on my first group ride with bout 15 bikes friday night and it is wikid :grin: :grin: :grin: Hav only been riding for a few weeks so this would be great too, wont see as many wheelies thou :( But never the less bloody great to hear you guys are willing to help us learners out in gaining some skills. I'm gonna hav my ears open for more info on this 1 for sure.. maybe some1 could even msg me with details when they get sorted out? If not i'll find out on this thread or wat eva anyways.. Hopefully see you ppls there :wink:
  11. If you want to P.M. me your contact details I will let you know or just watch this thread as once we get an idea of numbers etc we will get the final details posted
  12. Glad you feel that way, the group rides are good but this ride is gonna be focused especially on the new riders, but you or any other experienced riders are welocome to come along and assist with this.
  13. Thats cool we are probably going to try and do this every second Sunday if there is enough interest (which I kinda think there will be)
  14. i should be able to make it. getting the bike service on friday so should be ok for sunday.
  15. If im feeling any better by the weekend, i'll be there too. Missed out on the ballbreakers, so this would be great for making up. I'll hang on the back with the TEC if you like. The dual pipe keybangers ALWAYS keep the cars at bay. :D
  16. ok KevS gonna PM you.. btw if you don't get around to givin' me details thru PM, it's all good i'll just find this post again
  17. I'd be interested in helping out on some of these rides too, when work allows. Currently only get Sundays off :( , but still might make a quick trip down for the event.
    Rob, don't plan on me being there, but I'll let you know when and if I can.
  18. Ride

    G'day Ron,
    Sounds like we are having plenty of interest
    for this ride,so hopefully we will get a good turn out.

    You know your more than welcome Ron.
    And Craig,you will be welcome to help out when you can.

    I am looking forward to these rides and hope everyone
    enjoys their ride and learn something from it.
  19. This is looking interesting, getting plenty of feedback and messages of interested people, looks like we will get a few really new riders so thats good, for the really new riders do not be worried we will keep the pace really slow to accomadate you guys.
  20. I have a couple of riders that aren't on the net that
    might join us,so numbers are growing steadily.
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