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SA learner newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by stevesxr, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. I'd just like to say hi to everyone on here from sleepy S.A.
    My name is Steve and i live near Gawler.

    I have just bought a $300 project '97 ZZR250 to learn on. Hoping it was a good choice for a learner.
    I have started to buy parts to get her on the road again.

    I tried to put up a thread in the projects section but I'm not allowed to post pics (links) because i don't have the post count or thanks/nod(?) count. Sigh. I really am human haha.

    I'm not that knowledgeable on bike mechanics so how do i go about getting these elusive thanks/nods so i can start a thread?

  2. Hi Steve,
    I've heard the Adelaide hills are a good place to ride. Sounds like you live in a good location to be a motorcyclist.
    I don't know about the posting of pictures, links and user experience, but it shouldn't be too hard, or require you to wait that long.

    I suppose you could just start a topic in the Projects section and describe what you have and what you intend to do, for starters. Speaking of which, does this Kawasaki, start, have you ridden it, or is it just a pile of parts?
  3. just keep posting any old shite ,
    be caregul though as the show is not SA
  4. Thanks for the tips Otto, I saved the post i made in word so i might just delete the pics i guess. Its a bit of an essay without them though.
    The roads and sights are great around here. I'm hoping they are even better on a bike.
    I took a chance with the zzr and bought it.
    I don't even have my bike L's yet so this is a new world.
    The bike needs some work, it runs but its not to happy about it. I've bought some stuff to start working on it.
    I thought i would pick something needing a little work so i will be forced to learn. Well that's the plan anyway haha
  5. Haha will do phil thanks
  6. my suggestion is that you go for you L's first and then put your money into your bike. it might turn out that you dont like to ride or you do, who knows.
  7. Thanks for the tip nozila, the plan is to go for them once the weather clears up
  8. Don't worry about the weather buddy, just go do it, L test is easy on their 2 fiddys.
  9. Haha OK, maybe i will give them a call Monday and see how much it costs now. Last time i checked it was $375. Prob a bit more now with the new financial year.
  10. Hi and welcome to Netrider Steve. Thumbs up for having a go at turning the spanners on your own bike, a great way to learn (and get to know your bike a bit) Hopefully it all turns out as you plan it to.

    Some nice roads over your neck of the woods, I have a 5 day Great Ocean Rd/Adelaide/Grampians trip planned later in the year which includes a few days sampling some of South Oz's best bike roads. Birdwood, Cape Jervis, Gorge Rd, Hahndorf are all on the list.

    Good luck with the Zed and hope it's not too long before you're out there enjoying it.

  11. once you have done basic test get
    booked in for advance
    dont muck around for a year or so like most
    as its a waste of time. get it done on there bikes
    while its all familar is tip
  12. i went for my L test last year in april
    i now have a full licence ).
  13. Ned, you will have a great time around here, the roads are great and so are the sights.

    Phil, thanks for the tip, when you say it like that it really does make sense to do it that way.

    On another note, I did get my bike running, until i noticed fuel coming out of the overflow line. I'm guessing there is a bit of crud stuck somewhere or the floats aren't set at the right levels.
    I will rip off the carbs and investigate further