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[SA] Learner Limit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dale_8888, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    On my Learners, but got my full car license, does this mean that I'm still (legally) restricted to 80km/h or can I go speed limit?

    What is the (legal) speed restriction (if there is one) on the R-Date license?

  2. Learner's permit (car or motorbike) speed limit is 80.

    R-Date: 110. Unless you have a Postie bike like me :p
  3. Pretty sure it's 80...

    I looked into this when i had my L's and unless its changed since, you're stuck on eighty matey.

    Now, it's supposed to be for your safety, but i think if you put a few politicians on a cb250 at 80kph and had them passed by three semi trailers doing 110 then that law might change pretty quick.

    My advice is to stay the hell off of the freeway. :grin:
  4. Unless you can organise a couple a hundred Learner riders to all go down the freeway in peak hour in a block, all sticking to their sped limit.

    But yeah having a car sale up your bum with a 20-30 kph speed difference probably isn't all that pleasant.
  5. Your still restricted to 80km/h. I'm suprised they didn't hammer this home at RiderSafe...they did when I went for mine (it always seems to be a point of confusion).

    There's no speed restriction for R-Date, so feel free to go ASAP A2B. The R-Date literally means bike/size/performance restriction to the date given. Apart from the bike restriction, its a full licence (as such it appears on your licence).

    Luckily Adelaide has a total of 1 full freeway used by those on in the hills,
    half a freeway down south, and a 'low speed' express way in the north going east west.

    You'll never see more than 80km/h in the greater suburbs of Adelaide :)

    Having said that, I ride on the Port Expressway on my commute to work, and wouldn't attempt to play hide and seek with the B-doubles. Getting past them quick is the name of the game so they don't flick up stones into your head and the less time they're blind to you being there the better.
  6. *gone double post wtf*
  7. Yeah I don't use the freeway, but living down South, use the expessway a bit to get to mates or whatever
  8. yes to both, some of the time :p