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SA laws - I'm from the government. I'm here to help you!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Rob_SA_Scoot, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Hi

    In my continuing quest to find a reasonably priced legal commuter scooter I've hit a few stumbling blocks. At the risk of boring everyone stupid unless you're a pedantic nerd like me don't bother to read further.....

    You've been warned.

    Given that I work in the same building as motor rego here in Adelaide I dropped in there looking for some sage advice. They handed me a brochure on the various licence categories, which had the footnote that the "small bike" category could be driven on any class of licence, a "small bike" having a motor less than "50 millilitres" capacity (why couldn't they just say 50cc?), was speed limited to 50km/h, and must have a mass of less than 65Kg. Cool.

    I visited the newsagent and found that Two Wheels had published a scooter magazine! Excellent! In the back is a list of all the brands and models, which ones were legal on a car licence in SA, and amongst other things the weights. Hmmm. Looks like the Yamaha Jog is the only legal one at 62Kg... shame it's been discontinued. (Edited 12 Feb 2005: I just reread my post and thought I should clarify... The Two Wheels Scooter magazine has a "Y" for legal in SA in their buyers guide section, but only the Yamaha Jog is under 65Kg and therefore legal according to motor rego. I sent a copy of this post to the email address in the Two Wheels Scooter magazine but it bounced, so I've now sent it to Federal Publishing Company who publish Two Wheels.)

    I visited four bike shops to look at scooters and get some advice. One is a Bolwell dealer, another has Bug, one is a Yamaha dealer, the other is a Honda dealer but doesn't seem to like Hondas much. I asked all of them about the 65Kg mass limit, to which they all said "that law was changed" or words to that effect.

    I had a day off work on Wednesday so I rang motor rego asking about this. No, the law still had the 65Kg limit. Paraphrasing - "If you want to ride something bigger than 65Kg you need to do a Ridersafe course and get a bike licence." While I was on a roll I rang the SA Police Traffic Division. The cop was nice enough, but he did seem a bit hung up on the idea that I was going to ride a dwarf-sized micro-Harley to work. Several times I stressed that I was talking about a commuter scooter "like a Vespa but smaller and probably Asian" was my description. Eventually he was cool about it, but he said I'd have to ask motor rego because he wasn't sure.

    I emailed one of the bike shops explaining what I'd been told. The reply was "The weight restriction has been changed, so all scooters now meet the new limit. The requirement is 50cc or less."

    Today I went back into motor rego. Nope, the bike shops are wrong, but "it's up to the police to enforce the law as they see fit". I asked if this meant I wouldn't get busted on an overweight bike on a car licence? He smiled and handed me a Ridersafe brochure. The guy I spoke with from Ridersafe was pleasant and helpful. He explained that they're not really into scooters, but at each range they have one scooter but it's first in best dressed and the girls usually want the scooter. He suggested I'd should learn to ride on a motorbike. I asked him about the 65Kg issue, and he suggested I ring motor rego!

    So there we go folks. The only scooter legal to ride on a car licence in SA has been discontinued, and either the industry and media don't know what they're talking about or the government departments entrusted with communicating the act and regulations don't. If you want to do the right thing and get a bike licence just so you can ride a scooter over 65Kg you have to go through a training system that doesn't cover the vehicle you want to learn to ride.

    I'm posting this to Netrider.org.au, plus emailing it to the SA Minister for Transport and the editor of Two Wheels. I'll report back on what they say!

  2. Thanks Rob, that info is greatly appreciated.
  3. Try shown n go in Brighton rd.

    I bet half the people I see on scooters around town are unlicenced.
  4. I'm certainly not taking that bet :) Two regular scooter riders at my work, and neither have motorcycle endorsed licenses. When I asked them, they didn't even realise that had to be.
  5. Hi Aaron

    Show and Go have some Tornados and Red Devils that were used as track bikes for the grand prix going at reduced prices. I'm very tempted to get one, probably a Red Devil. The guy in there seems sincere and seems to know what he's talking about, but they were the company who emailed me back and said the law had changed, so I'm still not 100% convinced. The Yamaha Jogs are on model run out, Yamaha on South Road only had 4 left last weekend.

  6. Hi

    I bought a blue PGO Gypsy from Show and Go. $2600 with a helmet and 3 months rego! Loving it!!!!

    Image tags deleted - Flipper
    Pic taken with camera in my phone... but you get the idea. ;-)

    Further to my questions about SA scooter laws I got a reply from Jeremy from Two Wheels magazine as follows:

    "Here is the deal. The 1998 regulations state 50ml, 65kg, automatic and speed limited to 50km/h. In July last year that was changed to no weight limit, automatic OR manual and 60km/h. There is apparently a law in SA that states a vehicle travelling in a 60km/h zone at 50 is "hindering traffic". The website for Transport SA still has the old information, but should be updated when the new regulations are properly gazetted. In the meantime, you should have little problem with any of the 50cc scooters available in SA."

    So there you go. I dropped into motor rego today and ran Jeremy's reply past them. Basically they said until an amendment to an act or regulations is gazetted it isn't law, so all they can do is quote the current situation. The guy at motor rego was rapt that I'd bought a scooter and wanted to know all about it!

  7. does it do wheelies? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Congrats on the new wheels Rob :D
  9. Not quite, although my 19 year old stepson took it for a run around the block and got the front wheel up. Hey, it does 60K's and accelerates off the mark fast enough for me.

    It's got me and a fellow scooterist from work looking into doing Ridersafe later this year, so maybe these scooters should be seen as a stepping stone to general biking.

  10. once you are bitten by the bug rob , you wont stop there
    next a 250 , then a 1000 V Twin
  11. So what next?

    Full exhaust system, rebore, port and poish? :twisted:

    Have fun and ride to the scoots pluses and accept and work around its limits.

  12. I owned a 50cc scooter when I was young in Italy.
    With a few modifications I had it changed to a 90cc.
    ...and yes it can do whellies!
    It was great fun!
  13. Looks great (I like the blue!). Should be a hoot!
  14. What a saga - I'm glad your got a great resolution on it - even with all those things to put you off. Enjoy zipping around...

    Have you already decided that you want to go for a bigger scoot? Don't be put off by your engine size in taking your scoot out and about beyond the commute.. they can be great on weekend coffee run or on a trip to the movies.. or if you really like getting out and about there are some great rides in and about adelaide. I remember riding out to st kilda tram museum on a 50cc - I remember it being scarey but one hell of a lot of fun. My partners bike at the time broke down on the way back to adelaide hehehe not a servo in sight!!!
  15. I'd love to see a a cop pull you over, take the bathroom scales out of his boot and try and weigh your little beast...

    If anything, the heavier the scooter (at 50cc) the slower it will go, and to most governments, slow=safe!
  16. Hi all

    Well my little Gypsy is going great guns! The first week it chewed through the juice ($3.86!), but the next two weeks it settled down ($3.40 for two weeks commuting!). Maybe it was a "running in thing".

  17. Tell me why did you name the thread "SA laws- I'm from the government. I'm here to help you!"??, you made me go into the SCOOTER AREA! with your dirty tricks........ damn you
  18. Hi benni boi

    It's just a ploy by we scooterists to seduce you across to The Dark Side mate. :twisted:
  19. Yeah, poor form dude. Benni and I may never recover.
  20. ROB you forgot the evil laugh us scooterist's use after we try to get people over to the 'dark side'

    you know