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[SA] late night group ride vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vtr_rida, Jun 1, 2007.

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  2. Haha...so many bikes breaking so many laws, most of them L platers too! Good thing their plates are blacked out! :LOL:
  3. If his seat is so uncomfortable why not get it re-upholstered?
    And why does the camera never point skyward?
  4. Both very valid questions my friend :LOL:

    Thomo, you know i only do my no-hand wheelies and 360 degree stoppies off camera. I feel like a tool otherwise :LOL: Too :cool: to do it in a vid

    Have fun tomoro :p
  5. Motorbikes are constrained to laws now :? ?? Ok crazy man, keep it to yourself :LOL: Btw this coming from the 'World's fastest Muppet'

    Oh and do check out CYCLESPACE.COM , free membership guys.. I mean come on, what other excuse do ya need. Pardon me for putting that in my signiture on the first post, but i really need to spread the word :twisted:
  6. Hahahaha

    very good Vid mate...

    Now we know what to expect and how things look, i say we give it a "take two" sometime soon

  7. haha yep, i was actually surprised at how well the quality turned out. Prob can't really tell thru the youtube grainyness but the actual version's really quite clear.. i have watched other night vids and the oncoming headlights confuse the focus, but seemed to work pretty good.

    It'd be awesome if we could get a huge group of bikes together. That said, it does make things a bit harder and also draws more attention (= police) so :? But would be :cool:
  8. hilarious.................great vid
  9. Nice!!

    Makes me want to come down to Adelaide one night for a get together and city cruise.
    Not much happens up here in the Riverland at night :p
  10. another nice little ride vid :)

    what was that soundtrack? i want it!
  11. agreed - its a fantastic song :D
  12. Thanks!

    Nerd (Pharrell) - Rock Star (Jason Nevins remix)
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    352x288 mpeg 1, 25 fps i think..
  15. hey, I like it!
    Pretty good for night time. How long ago was that filmed then?
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    Thanks. I'll try that next time. :)
  17. Nice little vid, the audio fits it well.
    Must admit, it reminds me of a Thursday night mystery :grin:
  18. wheres the stunts? ;) nice vid, just needs more action. and the music track was good also. im lookin to edit some stuff together also when i get around to it.

    where bouts u guys go ridin? im in adel also, north east subs. im mainly up chain of ponds/cudlee creek/gorge/loby/strath.

    shitty weather is amongst us, but aint stopped me yet. just makes it more fun when u step the rear wheel out around corners ;P

  19. Speak of the devil, i had the rear out thisarvo! :LOL: Fun.. But oh so not safe feeling. Thought i was low siding.

    I hardly ever ride in the city, just felt like a change. Usually do Windy point-Strath or the odd Hills run..

    Btw, i have been on stunting rides but that was ages ago.. And i was the only one not doin it :( The little 250 has had the wheel up but never confidently and didnt have any real fun in doin so. Will have to wait for next bike and get a better cam setup etc first :grin:

    We're headin out on a ride this Sunday in the hills, it's in the 'other states rides' section but we'll prob have a few learners out so yeh nothin crazy
  20. if mrmista is who i think it is.. he has been riding for a few yrs....

    hows ya sister??? still on the gpx?

    and if its not who i think it is... sorry ;)