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[SA] LAMS Swap your Ninja/Gs/CB/Learner for my VTR 250?

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Liq, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. So, anyone want to swap, for shits and giggles? Could be fun.

    Halfway through my LAMS period, and thinking hell, variety is the spice of life. Loving my VTR 250, but would also love to look back and say I used to have a Ninja, or Gs, or CB, or something else. Theres no chance I'll be buying one once I'm off my restrictions.

    If anyone out there feels the same way about the VTR. Want to try a different style of bike and get a taste for a different flavour before upgrading, drop me a line.

    My vtr is black on black on black, 5.5km's, 2007.
    Rego till Nov 09. Full service history (6k service done a little early when purchasing secondhand from a dealer).



    We can work out cash adjustments as neccesary.
    Contact number 0432 149 935.
    Adelaide preferred.
  2. Don't have a Ninja, but this is a very cool idea.
  3. Yeah, it's a cool idea, once someones been on a learner bike a few months they shouldn't have problems jumping onto a different style of learner bike.
    I dont see the point in NOT trying multiple bikes.
    I'd love to have 4 diff ones in my first year and get a feel for the flavours :p Hell, why not right?

    I'd consider other things like a cb400, gs500, etc.
  4. I had 3 learner bikes.... but not by choice! lol. ZZR250, which i crashed, fixed, and sold for twice what i bought it for... Hyosung 250 which i sold after 1 month... CRAP.... and a GS500F which was my favorite! I then sold this for my first big bike....

    Variety is definitely the spice of life!!! :) DO IT DO IT DO IT!
  5. I'm trying lol, but I'd rather not crash. :p
  6. wow, im of exactly the same view as you!

    been there, done that... oh wait, 4 diff types of bikes? :LOL: :p
  7. 222 views, no bites. Oh well :p
  8. I love the idea, but I'm in VIC and I already have a bigger version of the VTR! :LOL:
  9. I want a VTR250 however I am on a 150. So I don't think you want to swap with me :LOL:
  10. Love the idea...but i dun wana give up my baby lol. im quite interested in how the 2 cylinders go compared to the 4's. would not mind riding a ninja or vtr. Ive had a fang on a NSR150 quite a small light bike. dont like the tiny power band thing, but nice little 2smokes

    how did you truncate your nick liquidity
  11. Pm'd an admin I think. I just changed it on many forums so I could be wrong. Did a search for username change.
  12. Love the idea, and would be great for experience as well as fun! While Im not a huge fan of the nakeds, the VTR250 just has something really appealing about it. Especially in matte black. And its respectable exhaust note ;)

    Good luck with it, let us all know how it goes when you find someone!
  13. Mines actually the metallic flake black, shiny at night, doesn't scratch at day. Either does look nice :p
  14. Haha, pics arent loading for me anyway, was just appreciating the option of matte:)

    If you ever find yourself up this way, Id be interested in trading bikes, well for a period of time anyway!
  15. Is it completely stock!? I'm in melbs... and could toy with the idea. I've got a red ninja with about the same k's & a few mods. It's a late 08 model.
  16. Apart from a few tenderly placed holes in the baffles, that make it sound horn, yes it is :p
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