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[SA] KTM demo ride days

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. This came in the post if anyone is interested.


    It's no good to me, as I already own a Duke :)

  2. I want.

    I want bad.

    Will they do one in Vic or do I have to saddle up and come over again?
  3. Heya Loz. It's a national wide thing.


  4. There's a lift-out in AMCN with dates for all the dealers around the country.
    I had my own little KTM experience last week... got a squirt on a 950SM.
    When I finally got some clear road, I remember thinking, "This thing is sh!t!", which I couldn't work out considering how good the Superduke was. It then proceeded to stall on me (several times).
    When I finally got it back to the dealer and told him what I thought, he took it to the workshop manager, who as soon as he heard it, immediately announced that it was running on one cylinder! :oops:
    I'll go back when they get it fixed.
  5. I checked out the ktm.com.au website and they've got a facility to book test rides all around the country.

    Must get me a super duke for a spin, from all accounts they seem like my kinda ride.