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[SA] .. Hills Ride .. NOW !! (15/10/06)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by fred_kroft, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. sory for the shite notice.

    EA, and (sketchie) are meeting at Birdwood for a bike ?

    Anyone interested. I'll head my to Birdwood when EA gets there
    (i'm just down the road).

    If you are interested, we'll wait for you. Give me a ring on.. 0406 877439.
  2. Rider report:

    No minties moments.

    I went to Birdwood (just up the road for me) to meet EA. EA, gazza157 and 3 of his
    mates were in FJ's having lunch. After that, we set off to Mannum. It was
    a nice cruisey ride.

    We split at Tungy, and me and EA went to the Gorge to see where he had his
    off. Took some photos, and then went to Kersbrook pub for a coke/ale... We
    pealed off there.

    Special thanks to the d**khead on the BMW R100. Me and EA were following
    a group of P plate riders on Tipplett Rd. The rear rider looked a bit giggly, so I
    gave her plenty of space, and waited for a long stretch before I would slowly
    overtake her. However, numb-nuts on the beamer hammered it past EA, me
    and then her just before a sharp bend.
  3. Punch him out? :LOL:
  4. Well it wasn't the first time that certain numb-nuts had passed us. He nearly took Jason and myself out on the adelaide to mannum road.

    Then he came out from a side road as we were returning to the Adelaide to Mannum road and nearly clipped me as he went past :shock: , "I actually felt the air move beside me :mad: , I reckon if i put my foot out to the side i would have kicked him, then flew past Jason and scared the shit out of the female P-Plater :shock: within half a meter, who we were going slow for as there wasn't a spot to pass safely. She waved us on after that.

    Should have chased him down and had a nice "CHAT" to him with my gloves.
  5. Spewin guys! If I bothered to check the internet on the weekend I would have come out for sure. I've been waiting for an excuse to head out to FJ's for a while now. Someone gimme a call next time theres a short notice ride from the hills :) 0403076949 (luke)
  6. Will do next time luke, was sort of spur of the moment with me sms'ing everone's mobile i had.

    So yours will be on that list next time.
  7. Sweet! Thanks man!
  8. stuck at work missed another!!

    would of been awesome day for a ride!!

    still havnt tested my new dririder airmesh jacket out properly, on a hot days ride.

    glad everyone came home safe

    ride with yas in a week or so... i hope.
  9. Hey EA,

    How did you find that back road ?. Gets you down to Elizabeth nice and quick eh ? ;)
  10. Yeah Jason the road was great, good views of the city from up there as well.

    You will have to wait another day for the photos, They will be up tonight.

    Just need to try and upload them again.

    Basically had my internet go down last night while i was trying to upload them, Anyone else experience problems last night.

    Here is where they will be once I can get them to upload without shrinking the size on them too much.

    http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n31/EACRUISER/Sunday Spin 15th October 2006/

    So look back in this folder tonight.
  11. Good to hear you're back and rollin' EA.
  12. Thanks Loz, I couldn't wait as long as i was supposed to, You don't see superbike riders waiting 6-8 weeks for their injurys to heal.

    Glad i am back on the bike though.
  13. um - they also are a) getting paid to ride and b) competing in a world championship.
  14. and.... super bike riders :p

    not SUZUKI riders in adelaide :p
  15. The Cape Jervious ride looked cold. Who was the guy on the fazer ?

  16. That was charles, one of the EDS people, Great bloke, good company to ride with.

    Fun day that was, around 23-25 on the temperature side of things overall a great day.

    Has the pictures shown up yet????

    I reposted them last night and it said everything was fine.

    I am starting to think i may have put them onto someone elses account???
    Don't know why but they aren't coming up, now that i am checking at work :? :?