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SA Group ride - Belair to Strath video (pics too)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vtr_rida, May 19, 2007.

  1. #1 vtr_rida, May 19, 2007
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    Group ride vid of us heading to Strath.. Check it out :grin:
    (High qual version available in person if requested)



    Couple more pics below..

  2. I suggest you do not post a high quality version. Cause at 1:20 or there abouts you have video'd someone going over the double whites. Police would like to give out a fine for that one no doubt.
  3. hmm.. yes, you're right hey

    Wasn't planning on hosting the video, rather cds if requested by those there on the day.. But that's mainly coz i'm lazy :LOL: but yeh thankyou for that, high qual bad idea..

    Couple more pics..


  4. It just says loading when you watch it with nothing coming up picture wise
  5. hmm.. odd. I'm not very technically inclined so i have no idea what the prob there is :? Anyone else having trouble viewing it? Maybe the tube's server was down..?
  6. All good. No probs loading. Very nice!

    Gee, as I'd hoped the red really stands out :D Let's hope the cars think so too!

    Mup ya show off :p
  7. Nothing at all
  8. Can you watch other you tube stuff? I had no problem viewing it tonight.
  9. Yeah the other stuff seems to work
  10. Well, next ride i see you on i'll slip ya a cd :) Looks heaps better in higher res anyway.. Failing that i can e-mail but that'd prob take a while for ya to recieve depending on your connection
  11. ill take a high res copy. do u have a site u can FTP upload too? either that or email to me at kransky.dan@internode.on.net thank would be awesome!


    PS. what moron goes over the line!!! hahahahaha
  12. Dunno, you tell me :LOL: Don't worry there were multiple offenders in the original 3 something hrs of footage, including yours truly so there ya go :cool:

    Rapidshare only lets me upload files to 100Mb and optus dont like big e-mail files either so mite have to cd it up on a ride perhaps next wkend..? :grin: 210Mb :shock: Maybe i need to encode it differently.. Also as Sketchie mentioned prob not a good idea to tempt the authorities more than we have to with your crazy antics :LOL:
  13. Got it to work now, that comes up alright being cable tied to the frame.
    Wonder if it would fit on mine :roll:
  14. lol. Next to the butterfly intake :grin:
  15. Good little movie that...we'll definitely have to try and get some more, 'tighter' group shots on the next one...it's good to see that we were all such good little boys and girls on that ride...and that last scene definitely had bikes travelling bang on the speed limit...just in case any law enforcement officials are watching. :grin:

    I enjoyed the commentary of lunch and nudge...I knew I felt something on my back wheel at that intersection!!! We'll definitely need to get some audio of the Buell next time, every time it went past me it left me vibrating! :LOL:
  16. Yea if the volume's up enough you can hear it taking off at Meadows.. I was gonna include a bit where he overtakes Sherryn but double whites saw the end of that plan.. Yes i can't believe we got to 80k's hey, took a bit of dist accelerating but we got there :wink:

    I look forward to the next time we head out to Gorge. Hopefully some tight fast riding is in order :grin: I got a tripod too for some flybys but dunno if it's too big to take.. bout 70/80cm long folded up :shock:
  17. nice little vid . At that angle you can really appreciate how much your forks are working even on an easy ride like that.
  18. Nice Vtr_Rida.
    It looks like I missed another good ride.
    Do you think you could PM the HQ version link to me? I promise it will not go to the police :LOL:
    I would like to see the vid without youtube's distortion.
  19. Yeh youtube's good like that :( No hq version on rapidshare etc hence no link exists.. i'll give ya a copy when we're on a ride sometime thou..? i'm hoping to make/collect a whole heap of Adelaide ride vids and put em on a dvd or something sometime down the track..