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[SA] Grant A Wish Ride - 19th July

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Mountaineer, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Jayden is an 11 year old with only months to live due to rapidly developing cancer. One of Jayden's wishes is to ride on the back of a Harley Davidson amongst a large group of motorcycles.

    The MRASA, SAMRATS, ridingSA plus others will be sending bikes so I thought I might see who else is interested here.

    The ride will be from Mt. Pleasant Showgrounds to Hahndorf and back, with a group of city based riders starting near Gepps Cross.

    ridingSA thread

    Edit: If you want to take part in the Free BBQ upon returning to Mt. Pleasant Showgrounds you are asked to email response@mrasa.asn.au so the organisers know how many people to cater for. If you are not joining the BBQ - don't worry about the email.
    And bring a crushed can, if you park your bike on the oval, you don't want to return to find it laying on it's side. ;)

  2. Many netriders doing this ride?

    I am doing it on the way to Melb.
  3. Well so far I've posted the info and you've responded to it. ;)
    Hopefully there's a whole bunch of people who haven't bothered to post here.
  4. Good cause, it is always good to see bikers putting a smile on someones face. Especially for a cause such as this. Unfortunatley I am not able. Ride safe and enjoy the day. :cool: