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SA SA Government pushes for restrictions on motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dsyfer, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Link to article:

    Link to Government site with discussion paper and have your say link:

  2. Is that all? Just a levy and a couple little bits and pieces?
    No torture chambers?
  3. Pretty harsh over here.
  4. Nothing much in that, some of it probably makes sense. Be interested to see a split of age groups in their stats, they obviously believe noobs are the major victims.
  5. None of that would worry me.
    The less pretend riders the better.
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  6. Only thing I don't like is the car licence for 12months.

    I was hoping in a few years that I could get my young fella on a bike before a car. Learn the road on a bike before a car, or at least at the same time. Even if he doesn't end up on a bike for good he will be a much better driver for it.
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  7. Maybe it should be the other way round.
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  8. The less moped/scooter riders the better.....

    Every morning on the commute they buzz around like retarded blow-flys.....
  9. And learners and Lams.
  10. Looks like they're just suggesting taking on Vic's restrictions plus a couple of others.

    The one about compulsory car license first is completely retarded.

    The one about the compulsory 6 months before they're allowed to do the advanced training is not only retarded, but should be criminal. Any "restriction" that involved a rider not being allowed to better training is completely F*ing stupid. If they're just talking about the different licenses parts (L's -> full license) then I'd suggest the entire structure is already stupid. (go and ride on the road to learn and come back and prove you can ride on the road by doing this test... failed the test? no worries, go and ride on the road some more so you can get better then come back and do the test again to prove you can ride on the road.... moronic.)
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  11. Back off the LAMS buddy....
  12. It should be bike license first, then a car license. Maybe car drivers would be better then.
  13. Prick.
  14. And blokes with Tourettes.****-em.
  15. Second............

    But in reality never going to happen....

    However I believe as part of learning to drive as an adolescent there should be a requirement to ride a pushbike through residential traffic to increase the rider/driver awareness, vision and "spidey senses"
  16. spidey senses-thats just pathetic.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. As I said,Pathetic
  19. you're more dangerous than Victorians so you deserve it. We're only 28 times more likely