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[SA] Good Beginner Roads

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bass_player, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I think its time to go for a decent ride. Been putting around my neighbourhood for a week and have also been riding into the city and back for work. Where are some good roads to ride in Adelaide?

  2. My BF took me on a ride from our place (Hope Valley) though to Lyndoch about a month ago..I'll ask him the names of the roads we went on.

    Was really good, lots of long sweeping corners rather than fast tight corners. Was mainly 80 to 100 the whole way, view was great too, a big lake & trees & was just nice.
  3. Trick question?

    - Gorge Rd to Palmer/Manum
    - Montecute Rd to Palmer/Manum
    - Magill Rd to Lobethal

    However, there's usually a pretty bad accident every (sunny) weekend on any of those roads...
  4. What about further south? I'd like to steer clear of the Victor Harbor road though for obvious reasons.
  5. we rode both of those - going up was ok but coming down was a bit tricky for me, basicly cause I was still apprehensive & taking corners REALLY slowly!.

    I've done each twice now & apparently I was better the second time, more confidence but not being a racing maniac.

    though I do see people flying through those blind corners at over 100...loonies.
  6. So Cam, quick question. What's the motorsport significance of Lobethal? (no-one else answer, please :D)
  7. Isn't that like our most fatal road here for motorcyclists statisticly?
  8. Corkscrew Road? ;)

    It's even better if you like drifting :p
  9. 2 words


    head south towards Pt Jervois..take a left at delamere deli and have fun for the next 30 or 40 k's
  10. Apart from a lot of Germans and Xmas lights, I think you're referring to the Motorcycle Grand Prix...
  11. If it isn't it should be.

    I live near the area and am in a direct path for the ambulance to go by.

  12. it used to be when i rode the Gorge, these days well IMO its become boring specially since last time i went through there they cut all the trees back and neatened up the road.
    Bring back the 12 minute club!!!
  13. yeah it it, mainly cause people speed there & there are STACKS of blind corners.

    When we go to birdwood we don't take the gorge road way.
  14. Hi there Bass
    If you can get yourself to Meadows, head towards Goolwa (signposted). This is called Bull creek road (not signposted). good twisty road without to many suprises. Take Strathalbyn turn off at Ashbourne.
    The Garage is always a good bike stop in Strath.
    Theres plenty of roads that will get you back. Some of them can be a little tricky, so tread carefully or take to Mt Barker for an easy run back.
    I found the Adelaide's Environs Map to be a good one. I think it came from tourist buerau?
  15. There are a few amazing corners on the Gorge, around the dam area, huge sweepers that you can see through, that keep you on your side for ages, also a few roads around Williamstown.
  16. humm am still thinking about that SA trip in feb or maybe later, when i get some $ together.