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[SA] Glenelg M/Bike Parking Protest, Sun Jan 21st

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: sketchie

    For considerable time, the City Council of Holdfast Bay has been rejecting any and all requests for suitable parking specifically for motorcycles. All the parking that has been made available is located in back streets and that is totally inadequate. M...

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  2. sounds good.. ill see hwo i go to put in a few hrs..
  3. I will be there, If you feel like a ride first the MRA Tourers have a ride on and then are going to the protest, have a look at the ride calender for the details or the MRASA Web site
  4. Yeh sorry forgot to mention Delusional (and everyone else) this is a MRASA organised event. :) Hopefully my bike will be on the road next weekend *fingers crossed* :cool:
  5. i have no bike...bugger

    will try to go but have something on in the arvo - will see.
  6. looks liek ive just been invited to a brithday party sat night.. so my early arrival will be later... when im sober enuiff to ride again.

    but ill attend!!
  7. Have we got the Glenelg head parking inspector person on our side again?

    I understand last time we protested at Glenelg he told the organisers that they wernt going to ping bikes that day (he was a rider too) so dont bother paying for parking.
  8. This sounds hilarious :) Not sure I'll have time to throw in, but good luck and have fun to those of you that do go along :D
  9. If my bike is working, I would prefer to not get a parking ticket, I mean it is only a couple of bucks.
  10. Might make an appearance. :)
  11. Just ride off, or stand in front of the plate if they try to photograph it... Surely if we hang around all day paying for tickes itll cost more than a few bucks... They can get Effed if they think im giving any of my dosh to a council i dont live in nor care about... I got bikes to spend it on and guard dogs to feed....
  12. Cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Will be rescehduled for a later date due to expected flooding of Adelaide Hills and high wind forecasts on the day. :evil:
  13. and i slept till 3pm...

    so hope i can make the next planned date.
  14. Nobody expects you to be there, you never are :p :LOL:
  15. Is there a new date for this, or a next date?
  16. Not as yet. :mad:
  17. any word back on this????
  18. Damn parking inspectors.
  19. Too late now, needs to be done in good weather when parking is at its worst. When everyone is at Glenelg with the family.