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SA SA gets the gnarled end of the branch shoved up the shaft

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Traveling at mid-range speeds across SA this week, I decided to check what I was up against. Not too bad atm, only immediate suspension once above 45 over.

    What exactly has changed?

    Speeding offence penalties will change in three ways:

    1. Speeding offence brackets will increase from four to five

    Speeding offence brackets will change from 15 km/h to 10 km/h increments for offences up to 30 km/h over the limit, creating an extra offence bracket.
    The lowest level offence will change from exceeding the speed limit ‘by less than 15 km/h’ to ‘by less than 10km/h’ recognising that travelling at 14 km/h over the speed limit poses a greater risk than travelling at 8 or 9 km/h over the limit.
    2. More demerits and a lower expiation fee for the lowest offence

    The expiation fee for exceeding the speed limit by less than 10km/h will reduce from $260 to $150, and demerit points will double from 1 to 2.
    3. Higher penalties for higher level offences

    Exceeding the speed limit by 10km/h but less than 15km/h – the expiation fee will increase from $260 to $330 and demerit points will triple from 1 to 3.
    Exceeding the speed limit by 20km/h but less than 30km/h – the expiation fee will increase from $383 to $670 and demerit points will increase from 3 to 5.
    Exceeding the speed limit by 45km/h or more – the expiation fee will increase from $671 to $900, demerit points will increase from 6 to 9 and immediate loss of licence continues to apply.
    Higher court imposed maximum penalties for some speeding offences.
    When will the new penalties commence?

    The new penalties will apply to any speeding offence committed on or after 1 September 2012.

    Why is the Government changing speeding penalties?

    Penalties are a critical part of the mix of speed limit enforcement necessary to save lives and reduce injuries on our roads. The number of speeding offenders has reduced in recent years with a declining road toll but almost a quarter of motorists still exceed the speed limit. The new penalties better match the safety risk and are likely to be a greater deterrent because of the risk of losing your licence from the accumulation of demerit points.

  2. At least they didn't say "if it only saves one life, it's worth it"

    However, perhaps the honest answer would have mentioned something about the state budget.
  3. having said that, I do believe the fine for above 45 over in nsw is at least 1000. But that could be +60k.
  4. 45+ is 1500ish in NSW

    Those changes are pretty full on, they're effectively brought the brackets down apart from <10 under. 10-20 in SA is now the same as 20-30 in NSW.
  5. yes the state govt is milking us for all they can......i thought it was accross the board as well though.
  6. WTF??? Fcuk me. Who came up with this sh1t, I'm going to find them and jam my motorcycle up their .......:bannanabutt::tantrum:
  7. If you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about
  8. I'm kidding...
  9. ok Hornet what have you done with the real Dougz?