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[SA] Democrats fire up against police witch hunt

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by _joel_, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Well, it's about time a political group had their say about the increasing harassment of bikers in, and around the state of south australia.

    The Australian Democrats are accusing South Australian police of a pattern of bikie harassment, saying it is an infringement of civil liberties.
    State leader Sandra Kanck says bikers and members of their family are being persecuted in what is a danger to basic freedoms.

    "We have police flexing their muscle because they can and what we're finding now is that people are being pulled over on the basis of the vehicle they drive and the leather they're wearing," she said.

    "Now that's an extraordinary event in South Australia - it's not the South Australia that I used to know."

    It's all i can say, really....about bloody time.

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  2. What's the makeup of the SA Parliament? Do the Democrats have any sway there, or are they largely irrelevant as they are in the federal arena or in most other states?
  3. they are largely irrelevant, as far as any real power goes (and i know, that you knew that, prior to asking ;) ) but this is a public statement, and in the right direction.
    you know as well as i do, that this kind of support is better than none at all.
  4. 1 x Small Shred of Hope: Restored.
  5. glad i voted for em
  6. I really hope something actually happens as a result.

    While I haven't been pulled up for 'random checks' lately, a lot of people I know with more time than I have to go riding in the hills HAVE been pulled over. They are targeting riders, doing licence checks & defect checks, and are ALWAYS giving a defect notice to anyone who has modified their rear mudguard. Apparently that's 'dangerous' and needs to be stopped.

    I'd much prefer they spent their time pulling over drunk drivers/riders, or people driving with undue care, than sitting up at Strathalbyn to ping people for cutting down their mudguard.
  7. Or dealing with real crime.

    Presumably you're getting pinged by traffic cops, not general uniform ones?

    They (TCs) are the ones that tend to get hard ons when they ping people for bullshit offences.
  8. i have no idea, i haven't been pinged/pulled over.

    people I know have. I know 3 people who all got done on 1 ride for rear mudguard.

    i think it's traffic cops
  9. Drink driving isn't a "real crime"? I'm not sure what part of the country you come from that this isn't a real criminal offense.