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[SA] Could I temp anyone for a ride this sunday?

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, May 25, 2006.

  1. The forcast says that it will be partly cloudy on sunday--


    Could I proposition anyone for a blat ?

    I've got a new tyre for my (soon to be traded in) gixxer ;)


    (there is nothing on this weekend is their ? -- No Mallala
    ride day, or Footy Grand Final, .. no Adelaide Pageant etc ?)
  2. what kind of ridnig you guys doin??
    like straight line one wheel stuff
  3. I'm in.
    And maybe two mates.
    That's VFR750, R1, Hornet 600.

    Earlyish start suits me, so I've got plenty of daylight left after I wear you out :LOL:
  4. What sort of ride we talking here,

    Slow enough for a Learner to keep up, or are we talking 500CC+ bikes at outrageous speeds going through the twistys.

    If the latter, i will probably give it a miss. The bike has enough pull to get the front wheel in the air now. But i don't think i will risk slowing you guys down.
  5. I might be a 'possible' for Sunday. I'll be down the back somewhere, so tag along with me 'cruiser.
  6. Cool i will tag along the back then.
  8. ill be up for it if it doesnt rain.
    time and place?
  9. Yeah i reckon i'll be up for it... when / where???
  10. Hi All,

    I think we should all meet up and then decide where
    we want to go.

    EACruiser and the new guy-- you are a bit concerned
    about the difficulty ?. Don't be. We can pick a route/range/speed
    that you feel confortable riding.

    Seens most riders live North of Adelaide, I suggest we
    meet at "BP, Golden Grove The Golden Way (cnr Helicon Drv)".
    with a 10.30AM departure time.

    If anyone has a better suggestion, then shoot. I am easy.
    Birdwood is a long way from everything, so a meeting
    point doesn't matter too much too me. As long as it's not
    too early (I normally struggle with the 10AM Club-E ride
    departure times).

    Nb/ My mobile is 0401 846931 if anyone needs it.

  11. hehehe ;)

    No, but you could put your R6 in a trailer and drive it around ? ;)

    (the cornering might be a bit skit though ;)
  12. The meet point doesn't matter much, tho if we're starting up chain-of-ponds then I vote for TTG pub carpark to meet as we will be coming that way.
    Anybody coming from down south can meet with me, Anthony and Mat @ Cnr South and Black at 9 am.

    If north side meeting time changes drastically then 9 am will be reviewed.

    We will go through Stirling -Summertown-Lobethal-Cuddlee Creek- C-O-P

    My mob: 0402 269 200

  13. Should be a good run, especially with my new bike i bought yesterday.

    Suzuki GS500, went for a 5 hour ride last night, absolutely loved it.

    Won't have any problems with keeping up now.
  14. you guys live like 30-40 mins away. can we meet somewhere in the city? if not thats ok coz i dont want to make it a big fuss. theres always another time.
  15. You will find that people like AF2AF3 like up like Coromandel Valley way, so they are riding all that way, Resurection is in Glenelg I tink he said... So it is all about a meeting point that is easy... They are all going to ride to meet at the "meeting spot" dont try and chenge things around it gets confusing.

    P.S. Sorry guys, I wont be able to make it... If it was a dawn run, then that would be another story, but I have a Italian first communion to go2. Those things take all day, so I am sorry but I will have to give it a miss this time. Have fun guys, stay upright.
  16. OK guys, lets try this shall we -

    Meet: Cnr South and Majors Rds (100 mtrs north) at 9:00 am
    then outside Hungry Jacks, Darlington ON South Rd at 9:15 am
    then BP West Tce, City at 9:45 am

    Join up with us at any of these places OR meet us at

    BP, Golden Grove The Golden Way (cnr Helicon Drv)
    for a 10.30AM departure time.
  17. Cool.

    I will tack on at BP West Terrace. See you then ;)

  18. Hi all,

    There may be a tiny little bit of drizzle in the hills this morning, but that shouldn't stop anyone from coming along - I'm sure it'll be dry by the time we get going :grin:

    Looking forward to meeting some new riders :)
  19. catch you all at BP, Golden Grove at 10.30 then.
  20. The bike ride was great, Another Netrider (SA) bike ride should be organised again soon.