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[SA] cops using youtube to catch hooners

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by edgelett, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Article in the paper today about the cops using youtube to catch "hoons", and of particular note is the reference to the large number of motorcyclists caught speeding.

    i.e of 27 motoristss doing more than 45kms over the limit, 19 were motorcyclists.

    the article goes on to talk about motorcycle clubs doing "time trials" on certian adelaide hills roads, and the police officer interviewed in the article said they use videos posted on youtube to recognise what roads are used for hooning purposes so they can post a greater police presence on those roads.

    something to think about if you live in adelaide.
  2. Really? What were the other 8? Cars painted to look like motorcycles?
  3. I was puzzling over that sentence too :p
  4. Must have meant motorists.
  5. They are from South Australia and do drink the water there you know….it could be anything
  6. crap yeah I meant motorists sorry guys
    will correct
  7. This is hilarious :shock:
  8. It doens't look like they intend to Prosicute from the video evidence, just to look for places they will catch people.